Friday, June 17, 2011

Lots of Babies!!!

My friend Jess had her baby!! 6-16-11. His name is Hunter Levi, and he was 7lbs, and 22 inches. I am a very proud "aunt." :) Jess is such a trooper, she went a whole week overdue with Hunter, and then they decided to induce her. She was very overdue herself as a baby, so she said she didnt expect anything different! But still, I cant imagine how she dealt with being pregnant in the Summer for that much longer! So kudos to you my friend! ;)

So check this out.. FOUR friends had babies on the same day. Yep...four. I am still in amazement myself. My mom says it was due to the full moon on Wed night.. you know that myth ;) Anyway, Jess of course was being induced that day. And another of my good friends from HS, Krista, had to be induced due to BP issues, they were just doing it to be extra safe. She ended up having a csection but everything is all good! She had baby Tyler late last night! And Arnold's friend Shane, who works with him and they are in the band together.. his wife went overdue a few days and SHE was induced that same day! So after we visited Jess we got to go down the hall and meet Garrett.. he was a cutie also..and weighed in at over 9lbs! (another kudos!) Then Im checking FB today and found out that a friend I used to work with at Babies R Us a few years ago had HER sweet baby girl yesterday too.

So there you have it, 4 brand new, precious, healthy miracles! All on the same day! God is so good! They now all share bday week with Rachel. so we will get to party big time in the future ;) You know what it is, they were all trying to copy me.. having babies is cool enough, but.. having them in mid-June is even better! ;)

Ill admit that as I was walking out of the hospital last night after visiting, I felt myself tear up. I felt so nostalgic. Everytime I am in there, and smell the smells of the birthing floor, and share in everyone's excitement, It brings memories of all my kids' births just FLOODING back in. It seems so long ago, and yet at the same time it feels just like yesterday. I can see myself in that moment, holding each new baby in my arms, and being so much in love. Almost 2 years to the day I was in there holding sweet Rachel, all 8lbs, 3ozs of her cute self! And now she is walking around as a funny, sassy 2-year old. She is in such a cute stage right now. Sometimes i wish I could just freeze time because I dont want it to slip away. They arent kidding when they say "enjoy the time" because it is gone way too fast!!

Hunter with his "AUNT ABBY" I am claiming that status, for real! He had his eyes open and was alert the whole time I held him. I set there and carried on a conversation with him and he just stared at me. And did I mention how TINY?! Oh goodness, I was in love!!

An upclose shot.

Check out those tiny, wrinkly feet! Ah! Arent baby feet the cutest?!

Rachel hanging out. We asked her if she wanted to take the baby home and she said "NO!!" haha. Maybe she was a little jealous? She was happy when they gave her a "ITS A BOY" sucker. She enjoyed carrying in the balloon for Hunter, too. She looks so big to me now, after seeing all those teeny tiny babies!! :(

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