Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Fathers Day morning we all got up and got ready and headed to Malachi's church. Since the kids had been in their VBS program all week, they were going to sing their songs for the church. The kids did great on their songs, but got very restless during the service and wouldnt sit still, so we took them to a back room and let them sit till the end of the service.. They are a smaller church and actually dont have a nursery. I was worried the whole time beforehand how the kids would act because they arent used to staying in the service.

We were supposed to be meeting Arnold's parents and Sister for lunch at The Holiday Inn (I think its called something else now...) But they have nice Sunday brunch and its yummy. While we were waiting to pass the time we stopped by Target (can always find time for Target!) Anyway, for lunch I think I ate waay too much, and ended up sampling two different kinds of cake.. both chocolate of course! We gave Arnold's dad the "True Grit" blu-ray for Fathers day.. he has seen that movie and really loved it. Arnolds parents gave him some $$$ so he was excited about that too.

When we got home and the kids laid down for a nap, I ran by CVS to try and use some of my weekly coupons from this Sunday's paper. Found a few good deals, especially on some cereal. Then I went by the movie rental place and handed the girl my card and she said "Oh no need.. had you pulled up already! You guys rent soo many movies" Haha! You can tell we're lame ;) Nah, seriously.. I used to take Caleb in there just about every single Monday for 99cent movie day, so he could rent some of those annoying "boyish" movies about superheros and stuff, so that he could watch them while i tried to get some work done around here. Anyway, Arnold and I watched "Hall Pass." Hilarious movie but sooo inappropriate, especially this once scene which is SO graphic.. Arnold definately cringed! (if youve seen it, you probably know what Im talking about!!!!) Anyway, I enjoyed it but definately not something Id like to see happen in real life.. my husband would never in a million years get a "Hall Pass!!!!" Hes stuck with us for life!!!! ;)

That evening we went to Walmart (Most of you know I despise that place so I did not like to go in there) But Rachel had gotten 4 pairs of Pjs for her birthday, and two were the exact same pair, so I exchanged one of them for a new pair. She got a pink pair with elephants that says "Little Peanut".. soo cute! Of course the big kids begged us for new pjs too, soo.. we gave in.. they could use some new ones anyway. Caleb picked "Cars" and Brooke picked these wild, leopard print ones that were totally tacky.. she gets that from her Daddy!!! Oh, and while i was in there, I tried to use a 10% off coupon on a magazine, and the lady said they dont take "percent off" coupons.. so I guess thats a good thing to know.

Lastly we went out to eat at Subway for dinner. Gotta love that our "nice Fathers Day dinner" was there.. but Arnold didnt mind.. he actually liked that he was eating pretty healthy. The kids were pretty much done for at that point, and were whining and talking too loudly and being restless.. totally embarassed me. The workers there were both pretty young and I know our family acted as good birth control for them.. whenever they see kids acting like that, im sure they arent ready to have any themselves anytime soon!!!! And yes.. on the way home I stopped by to get ANOTHER Pina Colada freeze drink. (Hey, we were RIGHT there at Taco Bell!!) And the bummer is I didnt even get to finish it.. it ended up melting because we got distracted when we got home and I forgot about it until later. We had been setting up Caleb's new bed for him (which he totally loves by the way!) and re-arranging his room. I think I like how it looks now!!

So all in all I think Arnold ended up having a pretty good Fathers Day. He got to spend time with me, his kids, his family... watch a funny movie he had been wanting to see, get some rest, and he didnt even have to mow because it had been raining ;) Oh and he liked his gift too.. The new Brad Paisley CD and a new stainless steel water bottle I had gotten him for the gym. We dont really go BIG on gifts for each other anymore.. if you have kids, you probably understand ;)

Arnold with his babies!

Brooke, Caleb and Malachi at Church on Sunday morning

My brother Alex, Dad, and myself

Arnolds' family after lunch. This pic is funny.. and Rachel is cut out.. because we set the timer to try to get a shot of all of us. Didnt work so well... ;)

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