Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Cookout & Swimming

Saturday night Uncle Gene had a Memorial Day cookout and he also opened the pool.. so we got to have our first swim of the year!!

First incident I ran into was that I tried Calebs swim trunks on him, and they slid right off! That kid has no waist! I had of course bought 3 pairs in that same size, and didnt know where any were from last year, so I had to stick him in a pair of regular shorts.. they still worked ok I guess. Rachel got to finally wear her TURTLE bathing suit that we had got at the Gymboree outlet for her a few months ago. I love that is has the rashgaurd top.

The kids had a great time. Brooke was RIGHT THERE in the water swimming around.. she is definately my active one! Caleb and Rachel sat on the side of the pool for the most part. They both seem very anxious about the water. But Rachel had fun kicking her legs and splashing. Later on there was an incident where she was right at the edge and just fell over right in! This was WHILE there were LOTS of people there watching her.. it just happened that fast. She DID have her lifejacket on, so she just floated there on her back and I ran over to fish her out. She was ok!!! But you should have seen the look of terror in her eyes.. poor kid. I followed her around the pool the rest of the night after that ;)

After we had swam for awhile we had dinner! We had hotdogs, hamburgers, mac & cheese.. and for dessert there were cookies and Beth had made brownies!!! Oh goodness, I KNOW for a fact I ate way too much that night.

Uncle Gene has a game set to play "corn hole"... you know, the game where you have boards, with a hole in the middle and you stand back and throw bean bags and try to make it in. Arnold and I set up a "friendly" game of that. It was really fun.. felt like we were dating again. All the while the kids were all in the pool again with their grandparents, so it was like having free babysitting ;) We played twice and I am sad to admit Arnold won both games.. but I played pretty dang well if I do say so myself! I have a much better throw than my husband ;)

So, it was FUN! The one bad thing is... I got SUNBURNED!! Oh yeah, completely over-the-top, burns-when-I-shower, and hurt-to-wear-a-bra.. that bad of a sunburn. I guess I have no one to blame but myself.. but dang, it hurts!!! :(

Rachel hanging out with Aunt Jenn

Brooke and her Paw

Arnold took this pic of Rachel, thought it was really cute!!

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