Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chris' Pre-K Graduation Party

Today we went over to Jackie's house for Chris' Preschool graduation party. I was excited to get out of the house.. these first few days of Summer break havent been bad at all because we have been busy and on-the-go. Get back to me on those days when we have nothing to do and the kids are bored!!!

We had some lunch first and some cake.. which was yummy! Rachel love getting to play with their little kitten.. she absolutely loves cats! I know she would love to have one as a pet but Arnold doesnt care for cats at all, and I know we dont need any more pets (or things to feed!!) So we wont even go there! The kids then played outside. They jumped on the trampoline, played on the slide, with the water tables, and just ran around crazy (which is good, because they were getting rid of all their pent-up energy they always seem to have waay too much of!) A few times they got bumped or hit.. I seriously thought for awhile SOMEONE was going to get hurt.. I was cringing everytime the kids were jumping and someone was sitting down. I let Rachel try it out for a minute but she was terrified and started screaming for me to get her down. Poor kid.. dont blame her! Then the mailman comes by in his car delivering mail to people on the street. Brooke says "Hey, theres the Mail carrier!!" (my daughter is very proper.. and yet she speaks in SUCH a hick accent?! go figure!!! ;) And all the kids start screaming THE MAIL MAN, THE MAIL MAN!! AHHHH!! I mean they are flipping out at him and he is just watching them, halfway smiling, halfway terrified at all those kids, haha. He is this younger guy too, and he gets out to hand the mail to Jackie and I am bright red... I had to turn around for a minute. Its funny how excited kids get over things but they really know how to embarass you too! :)

At the end of the party Jackie handed out some favors to the kids.. some little stuffed animals and some bubbles.. so cute. Brooke got an elephant, Caleb got a monkey, and Rachel got a frog. Rachel carried hers around and then took it with her to her nap, as matter of fact! They all had a great time.. and I figure we'll have to do playdates a LOT this summer so that the kids can stay busy (and the moms can talk and hang out, too!) :)

Joanne and Ben.. He loved wathing the big kids play.. wont be long at all before hes right there with them!

Rachel loves slides.. all kinds of slides!

Thought this was a cute pic I got!

Caleb, Brooke and Chris. Taking a break from all the jumping :)

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