Monday, June 13, 2011

Brooke's School Year & Last Day

Brookes last day of Preschool was this past Friday. I feel like I was JUST getting used to the year, the routine, and how things were, and then just like that, its over! I actually was teary eyed for a few weeks when I was waiting in the car rider line to pick her up.. I was just thinking of how much she has grown up this past year and how she is going to be in Kindergarten this coming Fall. I remember when she was born me thinking ahead to big moments like this, and it seemed soo far away. I know everyone tells you "enjoy it because it will go by soo fast" and I listened but didnt truly understand until now! I picked her up that last day and her assistant teacher put her in the van and hugged her and told her to have a good Summer. I told her that "we" would miss her. Then I proceeded to cry the whole way home. The kids were asking me what was wrong. I said "its the last day of school! its over! its all over!" And they just looked at me like I was crazy. But i know theyll understand one day when they have their own kids!

Brookes teachers this year were amazing. I couldnt have asked for more kind, caring, and thoughtful teachers. They were patient with her while she learned to be in a classroom setting and follow their directions. They were comforting and supportive during all the health issues we went through when they diagnosed Brooke with epilepsy. They were actually the ones who caught her first seizure and told me about it because they were so concerned (at the time we didnt know it was a seizure). They always bragged on how sweet a girl she was, and how well behaved she is (proof that kids are better for others than their parents! ;) As a matter of fact, she earned a "star" EVERY day this school year! They gave our stars in their planners for good behavior that day. I am so proud of her, and Arnold and I plan on doing something special for her for earning that.

She has grown leaps and bounds. She learned to ineract with all different kinds of people. She was already at a Kindy/1st grade reading level halfway through the year. She knew all her letters and can count to 13 (we are still working on the number past then.. she starts rambling and making up numbers like "eleventeen" :) She made lots of friends and even a "boyfriend." She is so incredibly social and outgoing..and as yall know she did NOT get that from me! ;)

Just wanted to share a few pictures. I put her in the same dress on the last day of school, and took a pic in front of the same tree outside, to show how much she has changed this year!

First day of Preschool, August 2010

Last day of Preschool, June 2011

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