Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rachel's Owl Birthday Party!!

Well last night was finally the night of Rachel's big owl party!! I dropped the younger kids off at Mom and dads house and got to the church with Brooke around 3:30 to start working. After just awhile of dragging out tables from the back room and situating them where I wanted them, I was already sweating.. i mean it was bad, sweat pouring off my face.. bad day to wear jeans! Brooke was a good help until she got distracted.. haha. We had a small incident, where we dropped a table and it fell on both of our foots... ouch! I felt so bad about Brooke hurting her foot... but she seemed ok after a few minutes. Then a little while later my friend Amanda came by and helped me decorate and set all the food up and blow balloons and everything.. she was a lifesaver!!! I think the place ended up looking really cute with all the bright colors and "owl things". Arnold had to make a run out to Walmart last min because I had forgotten pinata candy, a balloon machine to blow up all the balloons we had, and a pack of bottled waters. He then went and picked up the pizzas, and lastly to get the kids.. so Rachel was late to her own party but its all good!!!

Rachel came in and had nooo idea what was going on. I think she was a little overwhelmed! She saw me and came running up to me, yelling MOmmy!!! and smiling real big.. and I bent down to hug her, it was so sweet! She was wearing her custom owl outfit I had made and looked cute.. but she wouldnt have anything to do with the bow that matched!! The party went pretty well I guess.. Arnold said it was his fave so far of parties I have had, but I think thats because my friends helped me out so much and he wasnt as stressed ;) We had the bounce house set up so the kids spent a lot of time in there. We also had a few owl crafts set up for kids to do if they wanted. Everyone ate, and then we did the cake.. Rachel didnt seem too interested in that at all.. we kept telling her to blow the candle out and she kept saying nooooo. I dont think she ended up eating any of her cake at all!! Oh well. Then we moved on to presents. She was having a meltdown by then (a long day and no nap--even though I had tried!) And of course Caleb wanted to help, but he was throwing gifts at me left and right and stuff was flying and getting mixed together, so I didnt get a chance to read the cards or anything till later, and a lot of the things she got im not even sure who they came from! But she really racked up.. thank you to everyone who came and for all the sweet gifts!

Last thing was the pinata. My brother had tried to rig it up in his owl special (ahem, REDNECK) way. It ended up falling and it frustrated the kids so Arnold just ended up ripping it apart. And the kids went CRAAAZY filling up their bags with stuff. Everyone also took some of the other favors I had made.. the owl lollipops and the owl chocolates. They seemed to be a big hit! All in all the party was pretty big, we had a lot of people, but it was manageable. We had about 7 familes pull out last minute.. so if they would have come too I cant imagine how chaotic it would have been! Afterwards Erika, Alex and my grandpa stayed around to help us clean up. It wasnt too bad.. the church was having a thing there the next day, and they let us leave the tables and chairs out, so that cut a lot of the clean up time out. Overall I think the party was a great success. I still cant get over how much work and time i put into these parties and then its over soo quickly! But its fun! :)

My sweet birthday girl! Only pic I got that was halfway decent of her outfit and she is still covering the owl up! But she is still cute ;)

Birthday cake time!

Group shot of me and some of the best friends ever! Im surprised this shot turned out so well when we just all gathered together so quickly!

Brooke with her Owl Craft

Some of Rachels birthday loot-- all the new clothes she got! I love them all! Cant wait to put her in them. She is wearing one of the new dresses to church tomorrow. And the zebra bathing suit w/ matching sandals ahhh.. I love it! She also is stocked up on pjs it looks like!

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