Friday, June 3, 2011

End-of-Week Brain Dump!

~Earlier in the week I went with my sister-in-law, Jenn, to the annual Girlscout banquet. They have a dinner, hand out awards to the leaders and some of the girls, and draw names for door prizes, etc. This year Jenn won an award for "Outstanding Leader!" She was so surprised, and I was so happy to see her win it, she was so deserving. She is the leader of a Daisy troop at a local church. Brooke is going to be in her troop this coming year, we actually signed her up this week! I was a girlscout all throughout school, and then I helped Jenn with the troop a little back in 2009, and I hope to start helping again when Brooke starts. So next year I should get a pin for 15 Years of service in Girl scouting :)

~Remind me again WHY i take the kids shopping with me?! Every time I go out with them in public it is a hassle, and I end up embarassed. Rachel is at the stage where she wants to do it her way, and wants to walk and not hold hands. Caleb is very whiny and expects a toy every time we go somewhere. SO between the two of them, shopping is not at ALL pleasant! Ive taken them out a few times this week and Im already swearing it off again. Even when Mom went with us to Sam's, and having her help, didnt make it any better!!!

~Things are moving right along with plans for Rachel's bday party. Cant believe its just one week away!! Ive been buying things as I see them. Today i got tablecloths in the party colors, and bought the big packs of the individual chips, juice packs for the kids, and I ordered Rachel a cake. I am doing a simple sheet cake for her actual cake, and I am attempting to MAKE owl cupcakes!! I found pictures online and so I think its do-able.. plus I have a few friends helping me ;)

~My anxiety feels like its been coming back on lately.. Ive really been struggling the past few weeks. Im not sure whats triggering it.. if its something Im worried about, or if Im just having some "of those days." I almost gave in and took an extra anxiety pill last night. Im glad I had Arnold around to distract me and help me through that last night.. because I sure dont want to back-track!!

~Thursday morning we met Erika and her daughter at the mall for a playdate. The kids had a lot of fun. Poor Caleb missed Camryn though! (Crystin wasnt able to make it this week) After that we went and had lunch with Arnold (and Paw!) And for once we didnt stop by Subway on the way.. Im sure the guys were wondering where I was this particular week, lol.

~Last night I went out with my friend Amanda for awhile. We were supposed to have a girls' night with our friend Jess, and go to dinner and go see "Bridesmaids", but Jess couldnt make it last min, so Amanda and I still decided to go out shopping. We went to dinner at Ocharleys then went to the mall. I am glad I went to Childrens Place because I found an awesome shirt for Brooke with an OWL on it (I am on owl overload lately!!) and then some cute things for her friend, who is having a birthday party this weekend. Amanda also bought some cute things for Stella, who is Jess' daughter, who is due in July!!! :)

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