Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Visit with Jess & Baby Hunter

Every since Jess had baby Hunter, I have been dying to go visit them and see how they were doing, and of course cuddle baby!! We hadnt been to their new place yet, so we were driving around for quite some time looking for it, we turned around on the same road at least 3 times.. quite comical.. if you know Arnold and I's sense of directions (or lack-there-of!!) Thankfully Jess called (probaby wondering why we were so late) And told us how to get there the rest of the way. Thanks to her, or we would have NEVER made it.. there was a whole other road to turn off on ;) So remember.. not to always trust google maps!!

Anyway, the kids were running around wild and wanted to go see Hunters nursery and all his toys. They kept bringing me stuff from his toybox (I miss the days where they couldnt reach anything and would leave stuff alone!! My house was a lot cleaner, too!!) First thing though, they ran in and saw the big bottle bank and screamed MONEY MONEY!! Kindof embarassing.. how are we raising these kids?! Haha, but it was funny. Hunters room is SO cute by the way, John Deere theme. And a sweet cozy room with carpet! I ALWAYS wished I had carpet in my kids' rooms. Hardwoods are nice, but something about playing on the soft floor with them appeals to me! Arnold says maybe ONE DAY, so we'll see!

Jess is looking great!! Just a little tired, but thats to be expected ;) I know shes wanted to be a mommy for so long, so I am so beyond thrilled for her. Her and Stephen are both great parents.. they seem so happy, and involved and I know they love that baby boy so much! Stephen is so proud, it was so sweet, he even showed me some of his baby pics.. and my previous thoughts were correct.. that baby DOES look alot like him!! I sat there and cuddled Hunter, and at first he was staring at me with those bright eyes (makes me melt, I tell you!) and then he started getting very sleepy and I put him right to sleep. he is very comfy with his Aunt Abby ;) One time he started crying and I was startled b/c Ive only seen him very mellow so far.. but I pulled some of my tricks out (sway, "shhh" and soothe) and put him right back to sleep ;) Jess called me the Baby Whisperer, but really, I think its just experience ;)

Brooke was so happy to finally get to see Hunter (she had been in VBS when we went and visited them in the hospital) She asked me what the thing was on his bellybutton, so we got into the whole discussion of umbiblical cords, and what they do, and that she had one too, etc etc. She just seemed very confused ;) I could sit there and hold a newborn baby ALL DAY LONG. Something about how sweet and innocent they are, and how they just mold perfectly into the bend of your arm. I wish there was a job where I could do that all day long! I have considered nursing in the past, which would be great, but Id also have to deal with them sick and hurt, which would break my hurt, so Im still thinking...

THANKS Jess for letting us come visit!! And congrats again!! Youre a wonderful Mommy and friend. Love ya!! :) :)

He went right to sleep for his Aunt Abby

Brooke had to get pic too. If you look close you can see the cut on the side of her nose from yesterdays accident on the swingset. Its looking better!

Proud Mommy! Im sure she went to bed right after we left! ;)

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