Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun with Friends this Week!

Had a great time this week, and got to spend a lot of time with some good friends! I cant say enough good things about my friends.. they are all wonderful and are always there for me, and help me out when I really need it. Ive had lots of offers and help with Rachels birthday party and getting everything organized and ready.. so THANK YOU to all of you!!!

Earlier in the week I took the kids to a playdate with Erika and Crystin. Caleb was beyond elated that Camryn was back this week!! They are just so cute together.. I know i say that alot, but its true!! They played in the playarea for awhile, then we started walking over to Gymboree because they were having a good sale. On the way Caleb and Camryn started holding hands!!! Then Caleb started actually dragging her around by the arm.. which I had to explain ISNT nice to do to a girl ;) They stopped by the jewelry stand and started looking in... ahh.. we told them it was too early to be picking out jewelry together!! ;) Then in Gymboree I just could not help myself.. seriously. They had this outfit that had a crab and and matching shorts with little bows.. and then a top with a turtle that said "Short Stuff".. then I also found a rack that was old-l stuff they brought out and was really cheap, so I got Rachel this hoodie with a dachshund and a beautiful navy blue pea coat for this winter. I had a coupon on top of all that so I came out with some insane deals. I felt bad getting more clothes, so I said it was stuff for Rachels bday and that made me feel better ;)

Thursday was the crazy day though. Erika and Lauryn came over to help me decorate Owl cupcakes for Rachels birthday party. I had seen the picture and wanted to try it, but I knew it would take awhile.. and Im not the best at baking/decorating as everyone knows.. so they so kindly offered to help! They brought Grayson and Mackenzie over with them, so Caleb and Rachel had some play buddies for the day.. they loved that. The cupcakes actually turned out really good, and I was excited to see the finished product! We made SUCH a mess off the kitchen and ourselves though.. well at least I did.. i had chocolate icing going everywhere when I was trying to use one of those decorating bags. We wont even go into what that looked like!!!! Then Lauryn ran out and got us some chicken nuggets and we spread out blankets and all had a picnic on the living room floor. I think Rachel actually ate more ranch dressing than actual chicken though!! Caleb got Erika to play hide & seek with him, and Lauryn to dress up in his batman costume! We had some GOOD laughs over that.. blackmail!!! ;)

Hahaha, I laugh everytime I see this pic. She is sexxay batwoman! ;)

These are some of the owls! Arent they cute? Chocolate icing, and the eyes are oreos cut in half, and the little part of the eyes are M&Ms (we didnt do red ones because we thought that might look evil! ;) And the noses are banana runts candy.

Owl lollipops I made as some of the favors. I got the label stickers off of Ebay, from a girl who makes them. Erika found the suckers for me and brought them over.

Owl chocolates I made as some more favors. I didnt do these until last minute and thought I would run out of time, but thankfully I didnt! Arnold actually curled the ribbons for me.. complaining the whole time! haha! ;)

Rachels Birthday cake! I was happy with how it turned out. I like how the pink/green/blue dots somewhat match her colors in her party theme. They didnt do custom cakes, so I figured this was the next best thing!

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