Monday, June 20, 2011

Rachel's 2-yr Dr Appt

First let me point out and say that today this is my 300th blog post!! Oh yeah, how awesome is that?! (Yes I am fully aware that I am a dork!!!)

Anyway! This morning was Rachel's 2 yr dr appt. I am used to taking the kids to their appt one at a time, and the others staying at home with their Daddy. I have been totally spoiled to the help he is usually able to provide during times like this. But his work schedule has been crazy lately, so I told him not to worry, that Id take all 3 with me this morning. Well just saying that made me nervous.. but I knew I could handle it (especially along with the help of my morning anxiety pill!!)

On the ONE Morning I actually have somewhere to be early, Brooke decides to sleep late. She was really dragging and I was having a hard time getting her ready. I gave them all some breakfast and ran to take my own shower and get ready.. then finished up getting them ready and made it out the door JUST in time. It was of course pouring rain the whole way there and I was afraid it would slow us down, but we got there with 5 mins to spare, actually! The wait wasnt too long.. Brooke kept herself busy with her new Barbie Laptop toy and Caleb read one of the books in the waiting room. The only way to keep Rachel quiet was to let her draw all over my forms with her pen, so I let her.. but that led to her drawing on herself too.. so then we had blue marks all over her when we went back there.. Oh well. you pick your battles.

Rachel was NOT happy to be at the dr. She is in the "Terrible Twos' stage full-force right now. She was scared also. The nurse did all the measurements and she was 28 lbs, and 36 inches now. Wow, 3 feet tall already! She had done a major growth spurt since last time. She actually has been the slowest growing of our kids (and was the shortest when she was born). But she is catching up with her siblings now!! Then they had to prick her finger for an iron test, and give her one shot. I had to hold her down for that because she was flailing all OVER the place. Brooke and Caleb kept looking very worried and asking them what they were doing to their sissy. They are so sweet and protective of her (when they want to be!) But aside from that, everything went well, and they said she was right on track, and everything looked good! Thankful for a happy baby! And she doesnt have to go back until her 3 yr appt next year.

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