Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playdate with Lauryn & Grayson

Yesterday Lauryn and Grayson came over and we went swimming next door. I like to take the kids during the day, but alot of times its hard to go by myself because it gets too crazy, or I worry in case of emergency. Not to mention its NICE to have adult conversation and company, so Im glad they were able to join us!

They brought over some lunch, and we ate right before we went over there. After my sunburn incident I made sure I was going to get sunscreen all over me this time.. so here I was spraying it all over me. We were just talking the other day about how bad it would be to inhale that stuff and what happens?? I open my mouth up when spraying it on my chest, and inhale a whole heckofa lot of that stuff. So i proceed to have a coughing fit and then I get a stomach ache from it, and Im like aw shoot Ive been poisoned. But really... it sucked!

We swam around for a little over an hour or so. Well, by we I mean me, Lauryn, and sometimes Grayson. Once again, none of the kids seemed that interested in being in the water. Rachel was happy to sit on the side again. And Caleb was running around with a water gun. He really annoys me sometimes with that thing.. likes to shoot people right in the face and that HURTS when it gets in your eyes.. we are working on that!!

Right when we got out of the pool Grayson had had a blowout so we were trying to figure out what to do. Its like kids TIME these things out!! Rachel has done that many times and I was sooo happy she didnt do it yesterday, haha. We went home and threw the kids in the bath tub and washed them down. Later on Rachel took a GOOD nap.. the sun and the water always gets to her. It was a great day and cant wait to do it again!

Rachel and Grayson finally had their date! ;)

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