Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brooke's Graduation Party

Since Brooke is graduating preschool this week, we decided to have a party for her this past Saturday. Just a small celebration, with family, and a few close friends that see Brooke often. I wanted to make it bigger but you know how Arnold is ;)

I picked up a few things and decorated the kitchen. Got some banners, balloons, and a grad tablecloth. I had ordered her a little graduation bear with her name on it, and found some owl suckers with little graduation caps that I was going to give out as favors. Brooke was excited to see everything, so Im glad i did this after all.. before I had thought maybe it was a little silly.

She seemed to have a great time! we had cake, and some snacks. She got to spend some time with her "boyfriend" Malachi, and they had a blast. Arnold was designated to go outside w/ the kids while they all played haha ;) Rachel sported her new dress I had gotten at Kohls the night before, and she was so cute in it! Brooke got some nice gifts from her family and friends, a few new books, a new bookbag, a new game for her leapster, and some $$$$. And the CUTEST card from Malachi, that he had made himself. He had drawn him and Brooke and put hearts on the card, it was adorable, and I am saving that one for sure!!

Afterwards we wanted to take Brooke out to dinner somewhere, and Arnold suggested Mellow Mushroom. Ive been wanting to go forever but its always so busy since its so "new." We went with Lauryn, Andy and Grayson too.. they love that place too! I am glad we went, and I can say Ive tried it now. Pizza was pretty good. I tried some that was just overloaded with toppings!!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! This is a big milestone in Brooke's life.. I feel like she was just born, and now shes headed for Kindergarten!!

Brooke with her graduation bear

The yummy cake! It "couldnt be chocolate!" as Brooke said, so we went with white. My daughter is weird, she doesnt like chocolate that much!!! *gasp!!*

Brooke with her Grandparents (my parents)

Brooke and Malachi.. so sweet!

At dinner afterwards with Lauryn, at Mellow Mushroom

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