Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brooke's Preschool Graduation!!

So the day finally came, and my baby graduated preschool! I am referring to her as my "baby" lately, because I have become very sentimental.

They had their ceremony at a local church right up the street from us. They told us we didnt even have to pick them up from school that day, they would get them dressed in their caps and gowns and walk them across the street to the church. So i dropped off Rachel at her Aunt Jenn's house and met Arnold over there. Arnold was able to videotape the whole thing, which is good, because no one from our families were able to attend since it was in the middle of the day and they were still at work.

The kids came out in a processional and then they all sang a song.. "Lean on Me." It was sooo cute. That was the point I nearly cried. I had felt teary-eyed all day, but seeing all those kids so proud of themselves and so "grown up".. I almost let go. I was biting on my lip to try and stop myself.. I hate crying in public! I looked to my left and saw a woman just bawling.. So im glad I wasnt the only emotional one!! After the song they had each kid go up and receive their diploma from their teacher. The whole time Brooke looked so serious.. I think she was a little nervous! But her dad caught her eye and waved at one point, and she smiled at us :) After all the kids from all 3 classrooms had gotten their diplomas, they showed a photo slideshow, with pictures of the kids they had taken throughout the year.. I thought that was a neat touch. Then the kids switched over their tassels to the other side, and they "presented" the class. It was such a sweet little ceremony. I felt so proud of my little girl.. who isnt so little anymore!!

Afterwards they had a little cermony downstairs, with cake and punch. Brookes teacher came over and talked to us for a little bit, and we got a pic of her and Brooke. Then we went over to Brooke's "boyfriends" house for his graduation cookout/party. They had hotdogs & hamburgers, and Chrissy had made a dessert called "Punch Bowl Jubilee" which had lots of fruits in it, and it was really good! I dont think ive seen Rachel eat that fast before ;) And of course the kids had a blast playing with Malachi and running around outside. Caleb seemed very impressed with all his cool "boy toys." It was SUCH a hot evening though, and I about sweated to death, as did Arnold! I was happy to get home to take a shower!

After the ceremony

Brooke and her teacher, Mrs Corpening

Caught them in a sweet moment :)

The kids at Malachi's cookout, afterwards

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