Thursday, June 16, 2011

Think Being a Stay-at-home-Mom is fun???

I had to take a moment out of my day to write this, because I have so much negative energy pent up inside me this week I feel like im going to explode!!

I just spent a good while cleaning SHIT off Calebs walls and dresser. Sorry for the language, but that is the only way to express the pure filth that was his room. Much of it had hardended too, so I was having to scrub really hard. Because I hadnt found it earlier apparently. Soo... why was I doing this you ask? Because apparently my 3 yr old thinks its hilarious and a fun way to pass the time (when hes supposed to be napping) to fingerpaint his walls with his own stinky little-boy poop! We have been having major issues with him and potty training, but never anything like this. I actually caught him yesterday with his pants turned around the other way (he had taken them off earlier in there) and his underwear was clean. So.. yes.. he had been playing around with his butt and i guess smearing AS he pooped. How hard is it to get out of the bed and walk down a short hall to the bathroom?! Seriously?! Oh and this happened not one, but TWO days in a row this week. Some people may say "oh hes bored" or "hes ready to give up his nap" but that does not fly in this house. Brooke even still naps at school and shes almost 5.. most kids need at least some rest time until that age in my opinion, and We WILL continue nap time in this household until that age. If not just for them, for MY sanity as well! I need a little bit of time during the days to unwind, especially after stuff like today.

But this wasnt the start of my day. It shouldnt be a big deal taking 3 kids to the mall for a playdate, and then some lunch, with a few friends, right? I mean people do it every day. Well after I get there, drag the stroller, diaper bag, purse, cellphone, camera, toys and whatever "thing" of the day that Caleb absolutely has to have that day, we try to get into the mall, with lots of yelling on my part because they still like to dart out into the road sometimes. Then we get in and get downstairs to the play area. Where Rachel proceeds to run around and try to steal other kids toys or pacifiers, women's cellphones, you name it. And Caleb.. oh Caleb. if he doesnt get his own way with everything while we are there he will break down and cry. Not just whine, but have a meltdown. "brooke wont let me do this", "im hungry", "im thirsty," "i have to pee", "im bored", "I dont wanna!" and so on and so on, until I get to the point where i grab a sucker from my stash of stuff just to shut him up for 5 minutes so I can attempt to talk to my friends.. I just want a little adult conversation... of some topic.. that doesnt include potty jokes, Toy Story, or "the bigger questions of life." Oh and at one point i look over and my daughter is having the time of her life.. climbing, swinging around.. all while her dress is thrown up and I can see clear-as-day- her pink and yellow panties with owls on them. AS CAN everyone else there!!

So after the playdate ends, we go trekking back upstairs to the foodcourt, where we order a lunch at Subway, which is way more $$$ than i had anticipated because I forgot that I had an extra kid this week since Brooke is out of school. After we sit down and I beg and plead for them to eat their food and not waste it.. of course more than half of Rachels lunch is left. So i pack it up and decide to just take it home. And where is it a few hrs later? In the back of the van.. ruined.. and wasted. Because I forgot all about it. Because RIGHT when we got home, the kids just had to playoutside, and have me push them on the swings, even though its a million degrees out there and I am pouring sweat.

But anyway, I think about the wasted food in the back of the van as I am washing dishes.. while the kids are sitting down watching a movie I popped in so I could get SOMETHING done. Toy Story by the way, which Ive been 10,000 times and can recite every single word to you, in my sleep. So i am washing the dishes, and pull out a broken plate. Yep, broken right down the middle of the plate.. a goner. Oh well.. a good excuse to buy new dishes.. we've had those since we got married and hardly any of the set is left!! Half of my dishes are still sitting in there waiting to be washed, because as I was rinsing, i noticed the right side of the sink filling up very quickly, and noticed I had a bad clog. So before I got angry, I just decided to throw in the towel (literally and figuratively) and take a break, and thats how I got to the point of writing this blog in the first place!!

I just cant get over its only 1pm. I still have hours upon hours to go before I get through this day. The worst days always seem to DRAG by. So... the point of this blog was mostly just for me to vent.. but for any of you that think being a Stay at home Mom is all fun and games, easy, or whatever other labels you want to slap on it, think again. We are more busy and DEFINATELY more stressed than most people. And I know one day Ill look back and wish like anything I could have these days back when they are little and "sweet", but right now all I can imagine and dream about is the day when they are all grown, graduated, and Arnold and I are laying on a sandy beach together. (while still in our 40s I might add.. I guess there IS a perk to being a young mom after all ;)

Now excuse me while I go get my bon bons, kick up my feet and enjoy a nice soap opeara. Because thats what "we" do, isnt it???

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  1. Oh girl! Sounds like you've had quite the day. I have to say that I truly admire you. My desk job is nothing compared to the job you do every single day. I love the last line of your post too... haha! I hope your night goes much better!