Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yesterday morning I woke up to Caleb and his bed being completely DRY! We have been working hard on getting him potty-trained at night, which I know can take a long time in some cases. He does very well during the day, and has for awhile, but every morning I find myself stripping his sheets, throwing them in the wash, and then peeling soaked clothes off him. Its awful.. and ohhh the smell! So needless to say I was so happy not to have to do that! we had cut his liquids off a lot earlier than usual the night before, so I guess that really worked. Guess i shouldnt have gotten TOO excited, because this morning we woke up to the wet bed again.. Oh well, its a learning process.. at least we've conquered the 1st step!!

I spent ALL morning working on the bedrooms and purging stuff! Mainly old clothes and toys. And I mainly focused on Calebs room.. somehow thats where most stuff ends up being stored. We'd store stuff in the basement but that place is a WRECK and so dirty now thanks to bringing the dogs in during the winter. Id almost like to just start anew, because I dont see much hope for that basement! But anyway, I just worked and worked without stopping and filled two huge garbage bags with clothes, and one with old toys. Of course dragging all the toys out prompted caleb to want to play with everything, and question why I was getting rid of them!! But any other day he wouldnt have been interested!! I also set up some sort of oraganizational system for his toys.. yeah, we'll see how long that lasts!! But i was proud of all I got accomplished. Now i just have to find the motivation to finish!!

Yesterday evening Arnold took the kids to the gym with him and I escaped for a little while. He usually goes to work out with his dad around 2 times a week, and the kids go to the "kidwatch." His family has been going there for years and knows everyone.. so they are all close and we are very comfortable with the kids staying there. Anyway, I went to Babies R Us and bought a baby gift for my friend who is expecting a daughter next month. Did i mention how much I LOVE browsing the baby stuff.. the teeny tiny clothes and shoes?! It makes my biological clock tick tick tick, and that stinks because nothing will ever come of it! But shopping for friends' babies is fun, nonetheless. Then i went over to Once Upon a Child and browsed for awhile, and I wasnt really expecting to buy anything but found some new sandals for the girls that looked new, and a few toys and books. Then i ran next door to Toys R Us because I had to go to the bathroom bad!!! If you know me, you know I absolutely HATE to go to public bathrooms, it has always grossed me out. I even rarely went to bathroom at school!! But I have started drinking more water these days, because I know its good for me, and I have to go a lot more! So then after that I browsed for awhile in there too.. but didnt buy anything. By then it was getting a little late, so I decided to head home, but not before I stopped by Taco Bell to get me a Pina Colada Fruitista freeze drink! I cant count how many Ive already had this summer! They are making a lot of money off of me, thats for sure! ;)

I read some in bed before going to sleep, and that always comforts me and ends up making me sleepy after awhile, and I ended up going to sleep around 10:30, which is early for me. I woke up in the middle of the night though.. around 3 am, and just couldnt get back to sleep! I hate it when that happens.. being awake in the middle of the night sucks in my opinion!!! I am supposed to be getting my sleep!!! The other side of the bed was empty, and I found Arnold passed out in the recliner.. he is such a night owl and usually stays up late playing guitar or watching concert dvds. So I got him to go back to bed with me and after awhile I was able to fall back asleep :) I ended up having a STRANGE dream though. I dreamed I was driving along and flew over something and went flying out of the car.. and then ended up at the hospital.. with just a hurt arm?? And all the time I was thinking that I was missing Rachels birthday party. haha, you can tell whats been on my mind lately?! Arnold being the sweet husband that he is.. assured me that if that really DID happen, hed take care of it and reschedule her birthday party for me ;)

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