Monday, August 8, 2011

Back-to-School Shopping & Date!

So this weekend was tax-free weekend for clothes and school stuff and all that. I decided since Caleb had some giftcards and money from his birthday, it would be the perfect time to go get him some clothes and stuff for school. My inlaws also were going to give us a GC to get Brooke some clothes too, so they went ahead and gave it to us early. Thankfully our parents took the kids for us so we could go do the shopping alone, because it takes SO much time and energy to take all of them shopping, honestly, id rather not go with them if i dont have to, haha! But i think a lot of moms would admit to that, so I dont feel so bad.

Anyway, first we went to Kohls. I had $100 worth of GCs to use, AND a 20% off coupon, AND they were giving Kohls cash for every $50 spent. And of course tax-free. So it was a GREAT day to go :) I picked out several cute tops for Caleb. And then found Brooke 2 new tops, 2 new pair of pants, and some pretty hairclips. Now that shes in the big girl sizes, its hard to find stuff I like as much.. it all just looks too grown-up for her! Oh well. I knew we'd be here eventually. So at the checkout I was $10 short of $100 using the coupon, so I threw in 2 of the "Kohls Care" books which happened to be Clifford this time around, and the kids love Clifford! And so we came out just about even, and I earned $20 Kohls cash for next time, cant beat that! :) Arnold got himself a new pair of jeans too, so I dont think he minded the shopping in there too much.. even if he wont admit it ;)

Next we went to the mall for awhile. We have really been needing to get tires on our van for awhile (i mean seriously.. they said the front 2 wouldnt pass inspection, and our inspection is due this month!!) So Arnold convinced me to let us drop the van off at the Sears Auto place while we shopped. I wanted to go to Childrens Place first, but they are remodeling! What a drag.. and so close to school when everyone wants to shop.. although I made up for that by shopping online later ;) We went into Gap, and I dont buy much in there but I found an OWL set that I had to have for Brooke.. and had a coupon, so I got it for her for school. Then I was on the search for her a pair of brown Mary-Jane type shoes, and I found some at Sears. She already had new tennis shoes for gym and outside, but needed the cute shoes too!! Arnold says he doesnt understand girls at all.. haha. Then we went to this store and I bought Brooke a few hairbows to go with her new outfits. One had a schoolbus.. ahh.. I just love hairbows!!! :)

By then I was about shopped out for the kids, but we still had time to kill while waiting on the van. So we stopped by the pretzel place and Arnold and I got soft pretzels and lemonade and sat down for awhile to rest. By the way, this kind of became an afternoon DATE for us.. Shopping and spending time alone without kids.. yeah that qualifies! And i did have a great time. We went to 2 more stores.. Kirklands and I bought a gift for a friend, and then to Yankee Candle. Funny story, but a friend of mine told me that there is a candle there called Mountain Cottage and she swore it smelled like SEXY MAN SCENT! Hahaha. I was intrigued because I love love love the smell of mens' cologne. So i had to go to the store and find that candle and smell it. And wouldnt you know.. she was right!!! So i picked me up one of those, and another scent called "fireside." Love having candes to make the house smell good.. and I love these new scents!! :)

So.. before we left the mall we had to go pick up the van. We had to drop serious $$$ on the tires.. never cheap, plus we decided to get all FOUR done and get it over with. We didnt even get the best tires you can buy and still serious $$$ but oh well, car maintenece is just a part of life I guess. Then the mechanic guy came in and told us that our brakes were getting bad.. like reallllly bad and we'd better get them checked out SOON. He said that would cost us another several hundred dollars.. so YAY! We are so thrilled about that (cant you tell.. geez!) But at least he told us, because I didnt know they had gotten that bad, and we needed to know. Now that we have new tires Arnold picks on me and says I need to take it easy around curbs.. and wagons.. and scooters.. and other cars.. haha. Yeah so Ive been known to back over things in my time.. so sue me!

Anyway, we had a great "date afternoon" and the kids seemed excited with all their new things we had gotten them. Cant believe school starts soon!!!

Brooke in one of her new outfits for school. OWLS of course ;)

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