Monday, August 29, 2011

Brooke's 5th Birthday!!

Friday was Brooke's 5th Birthday. Thankfully Arnold was able to take the day off and spend with us. But then he woke up that morning feeling horrible, with a bad sinus infection I think, and he slept until 10:00 am! Haha. That was bad timing.

Anyway, Brooke woke up early and was so excited and telling everyone she was 5 now, and she was a big girl. We let her open her presents from us first thing. She got a lot of neat things. I had been buying stuff since way earlier in the year, and had a lot saved up. I hadnt even bought anything at all RECENTLY for her bday. She got a Rapunzel blanket with her name on it, and a jewelry making set with those pop-on beads (that was the big hit with all the kids!), some pjs, new jewelry and hair things, some new books and activity books, the mermaid purse from Gymboree I bought a long time ago, a new Little Pet Shop playset, and some other odds and ends. The kids spent all morning playing with the new toys, even fighting over them on occasion, of course!

When Arnold finally got up (haha) I got ready and headed to Brooke and Calebs school, to have conferences with their teachers. They had me fill out some paperwork, and gave me a whole bunch of stuff to take home, and talked about what the year would be like, and whats expected of the kids, etc. It is so much information to remember! I hope I do ok this year, having 2 kids in school is going to be tougher than I thought. I love both the kids' teachers this year, so I am happy and excited that this year is going to go smoothly, hopefully. I found out that Brooke's best friend from her class last year is in her class this year, so she was thrilled to find that out (she was worried she wouldnt know anybody!) And by the way, having kids in school is expensive! haha.. everyone told me but I guess I didnt believe them before. Theres all these things here and there that really add up. All the supplies, lunch money, snacks, donations to things, school pics, etc. But anyway, I am looking forward to the year, but a little nervous too!

When I got home we all went out to lunch at Backyard Burger. Brooke loves burgers, so we were able to simple ;) Then we went over to Toys R Us for the birthday club thing, like we did with Caleb, where they give you a balloon and crown. They were out of helium so she didnt get a balloon.. but she got her crown.. she didnt seem too upset by that. And we let her pick out a small toy for her $3 off GC they send you. She picked a new Little Pet Shop playset (I guess she is really getting into those things lately!) of a little mouse and his cafe.. pretty cute. Then we went over to Ritas and got some italian ice. It had been awhile since we had gone, and boy had I missed it! ;) Brooke got cotton candy, Caleb got Blue Raspberry, and I got lemondae.. thats what I usually get unless they have Pina Colada! But it wasnt on the list this time.. booo :(

All in all, Brooke seemed to have a great birthday. She even came up to me, hugged my leg and said "Thank you for everyone Mommy, I loved it!" That kind of thing really warms your heart as a Mom, makes it all worth it :) :)

Brooke and her doll in their matching owl Pjs

Me and my baby girl (AHEM I mean Big Girl!)

Outside of Toys R Us with her crown and new Little Pet Shop playset she picked out
At Ritas enjoying her cotton candy Italian Ice :)

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