Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brooke & Caleb's Birthday Party!

Friday night we had a combined birthday party for Brooke and Caleb at Hickory Dickory Dock. We decided to do that this year, because Arnold had been begging me to do something smaller and less stressful this year.. he hates those big parties I love to throw! Plus, the kids bdays are so close together, and they both love HDD, so we thought it would work out great. We were only able to invite a small amount of people because of costs, so they invited their cousin Bekah, and a few of their closest friends that they like to spend a lot of time with. A few things came up and a few of their friends werent able to make it, so we ended up with a really small party (only 6 kids!) but they still had a great time, and of course Arnold was happy with how it turned out ;)

The kids first ran around and played games with their tokens they got. Caleb gets too excited, and keeps running around always forgetting to take his tickets with him that he wins, so im sure some other kids were happy to get his tickets that night, haha. We ended up leaving without them getting to pick out prizes, but its all good. After the games the kids all got together for a game of lazer tag. My kids had never played before and they found it pretty awesome.. but there were a lot of bigger kids in there too, so Caleb ended up getting his hand hurt.. I think someone stepped on him or something. Even the adults got to go in there and watch. While they were doing that, Carolyn and Grayson showed up. Since Lauryn was in Chapel Hill with Andy, Graysons grandma brought him.. we missed Lauryn but were glad Grayson was able to come to the party! He had fun playing in the "soft play area" for awhile while the big kids finished up in lazer tag.

Around 7:00 they called us back to a party room. It was really great because we had a party hostess assigned to us, and she basically did all the work! It was great to be able to relax and enjoy the party for once, Ill have to admit that! The kids all got some pizza and drinks, and Arnold had ordered a pizza for the adults, and they ended up making an extra pizza that night on accident, so they said they would give it to us! (score!) So we had plenty of food for everyone there, and lots of extras to take home. Then we did cupcakes. Walmart made me half and half for the kids, Brooke had Rapunzel cupcakes, and Caleb had captain American cupcakes. Calebs cupcakes had dark blue icing on them and of course it ended up ALL Over him and that stuff is NOT easy to get out. But anyway. The kids all sang to the kids and it was LOUD, but it was so precious and the kids ate up all the attention :) The cupcakes were pretty yummy too! :)

After we were all done eating, the kids got to open their presents. The kids got some sweet and pretty neat gifts from their friends. Brooke got a princess scrapbook art set from Malachi, and a makeup set from Kaitlyn, and a really pretty dress and matching hat from Grayson. She has already been putting on the makeup today, and she will probably wear the dress to church tomorrow! Caleb got a CARS book with cool sounds from Malachi, monkey pajamas and some toy cars from Grayson, and a Spiderman car that changes around from Kaitlyn. He has been playing with all his stuff too! And then I gave out the little treat bags I had made, they had the cutest cupcake and robot bags at Walmart that I found!

The party hostess cleaned up the party room for us (awesome, we didnt even have to clean up our mess!) and then we went to load up the car with the presents and leftover food. The kids ended up playing for another 45 minutes or so. Since some of the kids didnt show up, they gave us the extra tokens we paid for, and so the kids got to do more games. And then they ran around in the soft area place for awhile and ran off some energy. They had a great time with their friends, and Brooke was absolutely THRILLED to see Malachi after all this time ;) When they got home and I put them to bed, they were OUT! we were all exhausted!!

Sign they had outside the party room.. thought it was cool!

Kaitlyn helping Grayson ride the motercycle!
Brooke and her "boyfriend" Malachi enjoying some pizza ;)

Brookes Tangled cupcakes

Calebs Captain America Cupcakes

Everyone singing to them!

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