Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Sunday afternoon I went to a friends' babyshower. It was held at the church I went to growing up (and got married in!) Brooke loves to go with me places now, and do "girly" things. So she was thrilled that I took her with me. She even told Caleb he couldnt go, because it was "for girls only" :) It was nice getting to see people we dont get to see much anymore. And afterwards we went right down the street and saw Bill for a little while!

~Monday evening I had to go out to buy some things we needed, and it turned into a restful evening for me! Anytime out alone now is amazing, I guess i dont realize how stressed I get somedays with the kids. I went by Walmart and ordered Brooke a princess cake for her family bday party on Saturday. Then i went just browsing around the mall for awhile. Ended up walking all around it, and getting some exercise in there in the process! Just about EVERYTHING was on clearance, with them putting out all their new winter stuff, so I looked around and found a top that I think MAY just be part of Brookes first Day of School outfit.. we will see!

~Who all felt the earthquake yesterday? i was sitting on the couch reading stories to the kids before their naptime, and felt the couch vibrating and shaking all of a sudden. The windows were rattling a little bit too. Wasnt enough to REALLY freak me out, but I definately noticed it and was soo confused. I thought I had finally gone crazy! I even asked Brooke if she felt it. And she said yes.. so I started to feel a little beter, haha. About 5 mins later Mom called me and asked if we had felt it, then it all made sense. That was crazy though, never felt anything like it!

~Brooke and Caleb had their open house at school last night. We first went and met Brooke's teacher, and she seems really nice. Then we went to see Calebs teacher, who is the same teacher Brooke had last year! We LOVE her, so we were thrilled when Caleb got her this year. I am someone who doesnt care much for change, so this helps me feel a LITTLE better about leaving Caleb at school ;) Brooke was excited to see her again and gave her a big hug. Caleb started holding onto my hand asking me to please not leave him. It was only Open House and I already felt like crying! I wonder how the first day of school will go.. I have my teacher conferences with their teachers this coming Friday to learn more about this coming year. And they start school on Tuesday the 30th *sniff!!*

~After Open House we went to Ihop to dinner since we were out anyway and had to go to the store to get something. The kids all LOVE pancakes, so they were happy, to say the least. The couple sitting behind us in the booth had a little baby with them. Rachel loves babies so she kept sitting up over the edge to see him. Thanfully the couple didnt mind! Right before we left I told Brooke "we need to go get groceries now" and she yelled out 'YAY!!! I LOVE Groceries!!!" The guy at the booth beside us chuckled. She made it sound like we hardly ever buy them food! Haha.. thought that was hilarious. Anyway, the meal was a lot cheaper than I had thought it would be, then saw a sign that in the month of Aug. kids eat free! Wow! what a nice surprise.. and if I would have known that earlier in the month.. haha.

~Last night my mom called me and asked me if Id go with her this weekend to the movies to see "The Help!" She said that she had asked my dad if he would go, and of course he didnt want to. He said "go ask Abby!" And im soo glad she did, because Ive been wanting to go ever since I started reading the book. I came home and started reading more, anxious to finish by this weekend. I actually read ALOT and almost finished, but I got tired and ended up going to sleep. But i should finish by today! Have heard its a great movie and really looking forward to it!

~We also got the call that we should be getting our van back today! I am soo thrilled. We have now gone 5 days without it. I will try to never take it for granted again! I never realized how much I relied on all that space for all of us, and all our stuff! This week ive been lucky if we could barely fit all of us in Arnolds car, and the kids might get to take ONE toy or book with them wherever we are going. I am so ready for them to be spaced out once again because you would not believe the fighting, poking, smacking, yelling, etc that Ive had to deal with this week!! But anyway, horray for the van being repaired and lets hope it doesnt need anything else for a long time because that was some serious CA-CHING!! $$$$$$$$

Rachel and I lounging around Sunday afternoon

Brooke at Bills house playing with his bird, Colby. She loves him!
Bill and I! Good family friend. Known him for 10-11 years now? Wow I feel old!

Out to an early bday dinner for Brooke

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