Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brooke's Family Bday Party

Saturday we had a family birthday party for Brooke. We had everyone come over to the house, had some snacks, and cake, and then she opened her presents. She had picked out a princess cake that I ordered for her, and they said they wouldnt be done with it until 2:30 and her party was at 3, so thankfully Arnold's parents were able to go pick it up for us (thank goodness for Grandparents, right?!) And it turned out really cute! Anyway, she got a lot of great gifts. Some new clothes for school this fall, including an owl outfit i had seen at Childrens Place and loved! So i was excited about that ;) And she got a Tangled doll (which she just had to take to church with her the next day!) and the Tangled movie (which Caleb wanted to see more than her!!) And a new Leapster Game--a Kindergarten game, which is actually really fun to play, ive already tried ;) And some other odds and ends. We then did the pinata, she had a cindrella pinata that i had ordered on clearance a long time ago and almost forgot it was in my closet! The kids had a blast with that.. we made Arnold hold it up and they went crazy trying to bust it open :) Then everyone hung around for the afternoon and the kids all played with the new toys and watched "Cars" movie, and the adults talked. It was a great time. And I LOVE birthdays, but I am glad we are done with all the kids bdays for the year.. seems like we've been partying all summer long, and Im on cake overload! Not to mention im always exhausted after a kids' party ;)

Brooke with her new Leapster Game

The Princess cake

Blowing out the candles

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