Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recent Ramblings

~Cannot BELIEVE it is August already! Lots of exciting things coming up this month. and no im not just talking about the fact that TWO of my children will be going to school, and therefore I will have a lot more free time and will regain my sanity ;) we celebrate two birthdays this month! (Brooke and Caleb) and my parents AND my inlaws celebrate anniversaries (40th for my Inlaws!!).

~Speaking of birthdays, we are having Caleb a small family party this Saturday at our house. I went to Walmart to order him a cake the other day. He picked out a Spiderman cake. Had it all worked out, then the next day got a call that they were out of the kit!!! How do you explain that to an almost-4 yr old who is obsessed! They said theyd still do the background and I am going to add a Spiderman candle, so I think it will still work out ok.. that was a close one.. haha.

~I am loving my new Ipod Arnold got me. I didnt think id care too much but I take that thing with my everywhere! To the park.. when I am taking walks, even in the van sometimes (when Arnolds driving) Its good for blocking out whining ;)

~One reason I cant wait for Fall--for all the shows to come back on TV! Lately we've been watching "Glee Project" which ive gotten hooked on. My favorite is Cameron :) We're still watching "Secret Life" which is a TRAIN WRECK but I just cant stop watching it! And we're watching some old shows we never watched on Netflix, like "Melissa and Joey," and "Samantha Who?"

~Finally finished the book "water for Elephants." Dont know if ill go see the movie though, because it was more graphic than I had imagined. I just recently ordered me 2 new books off Amazon. one is called "Inconceivable" and one is "The Help." ive heard GREAT things about The Help.. looking forward to that one!

~So the other night I was driving home from the grocery store and coming up around the corner onto our street when I hit a mailbox. Yeah... I really did. The sun was GLARING into my eyes, and I went just a little too far to the right, and I heard a pop. Thankfully it was just someones plastic newspaper thing actually.. and no damage done. I was a chicken and made Arnold go down the street and check on it to see how it looked... :)

~At Brookes Pre-K Graduation, they sang "Lean on Me." Well i happen to have that song on one of my Glee soundtracks, and she asks me to listen to it over and over in the van. And while we do she sits there with this sad, nostalgic look on her face, and talks about how much she misses school and her friends. Its kindof funny, kind of sad! She also likes to carry around her yearbook. This kid is READY to go back, if I ever saw one!

~I am offically addicted to PINTEREST! If you guys havent signed up and checked out that website, do it! I usually dont encourage and bug people to try websites but this one is so fun. Its like PINBOARDS (virtual bulletin boards) and you can look up all these categories and "pin' things down to remember. Everything from quotes, wedding ideas, photography ideas, gift ideas, books you want to read, party ideas.. you name it they have it. And its all SHARED by people! so its really awesome. Im loving my pinboards and have lots of ideas saved already ;)

And heres some pics from a little photo shoot we took outside last night....just for fun!!

This one is so sweet.. even though Rachels hair is such a mess :P

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