Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caleb's Family Birthday Party

Today we had a small family birthday party for Caleb, at our house. It was both sets of his grandparents, aunt and cousin, and one of Arnold's cousins and kids, and his Uncle (whom are really close to us anyway, so more like another Aunt and Grandpa to our kids :) They all came over to see Caleb and to help us celebrate him turning 4 on Monday!

I had ordered him a Spiderman cake earlier in the week at the next day they called me and said they were out of the kit! Caleb had had his heart set on that cake.. so they said they would still make the background for me and I could add a Spiderman candle that I had. I thought that would be ok.. but when we picked it up today it looked SO boring (especially with nothing actual "Spiderman" on it yet) and Caleb took one look at it and turned his nose up, lol! Not the reaction i was looking for, but oh well. The candle helped a LITTLE.. and he got excited when everyone sang to him, so its all good. And it did TASTE good at least ;)

Everyone had a good time, its always nice to hang out with family. We had some snacks, and did the cake, then I let Brooke hand out the favor boxes and these Transformer masks I had gotten as some favors, too, and the kids seemed to like them. Rachel immediately tore into her candy, proceeded to eat her ring pop, and her entire mouth and bottom of her face was dark blue.. wish I would have gotten a pic of that! :)

Caleb then had a blast opening all the great gifts he got from everyone. He really racked up on stuff he was "into".. i think we wasnt sure what to think of all of it, he was so overwhelmed! My parents got him a Leapster 2, which he has been asing for forever, ever since Brooke got one at Christmas. Thank goodness they wont fight over it anymore! And the "Cars" game to go with it. He got a Captain America action figure, Toy Story beach towel, and a Kohls giftcard for clothes from Arnolds parents. I need to try to go use it tomorrow since its tax free weekend! He also got Captain America stuff from his aunts.. one thing was a disc launcher and even Ill admit it is fun.. Im getting more and more into the boy toys I used to think were dumb ;) And he got a Walmart gc and some money also.. so he is going to have a fun time shopping sometime soon.. or maybe I will actually ;) We also gave him an early Bday present because I couldnt resist.. a green Star Wars light sabre. It lights up and makes noises and its really neat. He was so excited and didnt put it down all afternoon so I think it was a hit! Love to see my kids excited! :)

Cant believe he will be 4 on Monday!!!

Caleb with his cake. Dont know where the head tilt came from!

A cute family pic of all of us, but Arnold is looking down!

Caleb and daddy. Caleb hanging onto his new light sabre :)

So excited over his new Leapster!

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