Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Love!

I just love Summer-time. Except for those days when its so hot that you feel like you could pass out and your clothes are clinging to you from all the sweat..eww!! This summer feels like it has been going by so fast, i seriously dont know where the time has gone! Maybe its gone by quicker this year because I know Brooke is going to Kindergarten this coming year and its a big step for me to watch her go off to school. She's such a big girl now. Its overwhelming somedays when I stop to think about it! Anyway, this is just a random blog, about things I Love about Summer :)

Icecream!! Who doesnt love icecream? I love the evenings going with the family down to the local icecream place and sitting and enjoying some time together. I really like Udderly Delicious the best, but this past year I FINALLY tried Coldstone, and that is pretty darn good, too! My faves are cookies -n- cream or birthday cake flavors.

Going to concerts!! This used to be a big tradition of mine and Arnold's. We have seen a lot of great shows together. We go see Lynyrd Skynyrd every summer. They actually DIDNT come to town this summer, and I am wondering why.. that really bums me out. One of my fave concerts was the Dave Matthews show we went to on my birthday a few years ago. Arnold accidentally knocked over a womans' drink (and you know those things arent cheap!) And later when we got back to our van, there were teenage girls peeing in the bushes!! craziness! and i wouldnt get out of the van b/c i was embarassed, but I had to pee too, so I peed in the back of the van in an (EMPTY OF COURSE) formula can... hahaha. Will never forget that night.

Cookouts! A lot of you know one of my fave foods are hotdogs (yeah im still a kid at heart) And I love a good cookout. Love all the food, and the time spent with family and friends. We went to quite a few this summer..

The smell of freshly cut grass! Just something about it! It screams "summer." And everything is so green and gorgeous in the spring/summer and I love it. And I know I am weird, but everytime we drive by a huge open field, I have this overwhelming urge to go running through it, carefree and happy. Hahahaha... just sounds fun ;)

Fireworks!!!! I LOVE THEM!! 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays. I love sitting outside and watching the fireworks at night. The kids seem to like them too. Arnold put on his own little show in our backyard this year, since we were afraid the big fireworks were going to be rained out, and the kids had a blast. they thought that was the coolest thing ever.

STORMS!! Love me a good thunderstorm. I know some people are terrified of them, and I can understand why. But i have always loved them. They are so calming to me. I love listening to them, especially at night. Best weather to sleep to, if you ask me ;) When Arnold still had his pickup truck, I used to go outside on the carport in the summertime and sit on the back of it and watch the storms. Only exception is if I had to drive in a bad storm and heavy rains.. I would not like that at all!!

I used to pick on Arnold's mom for being so into yardsales and going out so early on sat mornings but she always seems to find the best stuff. And I myself have become addicted to going to them. Sometimes I Can find some really awesome deals. Ive found really nice, name-brand kids clothes before that look like theyve hardly been worn! And ive found lots of books for myself.. way cheaper than going to the bookstore and paying up to $20-something for one. A Yardsale is actually where I found "The Purpose Driven Life" that Arnold and I are reading every night. Perfect condition and 50cents! Cant beat that. It becomes addicting finding good deals, at least for me! And I love going out with friends and my sister-in-law. Its fun to drive around and talk, have some good times, and stop for breakfast or lunch. Ive even gotten Arnold into going with me the past couple of weeks, and he hates taking the kids, but they get excited over all the toys they find.. Caleb usually finds the greatest toys and deals ;)

ICEES! Or any kind of Italian Ice drink. I became really into RITAS this past year, thanks to Lauryn ;) Something about icy drinks, I just love them. This summer I have either been at Ritas or at Taco Bell getting their pina colada fruitista freeze drinks. Yum, just writing this is making me want to go out and get one now ;)

So there ya go. Things I love about Summer. What does everyone else Love???

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