Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Caleb's 4th Birthday!!

Monday Caleb turned 4 years old! Unfortunately Arnold waited too long to ask off of work, and he wasnt able to take the day off (we have a tradition where he always takes the kids' bdays off if its on a weekday, and we all go out and do something special as a family.) Everyone knows how much I dread going out w/ all 3 kids myself, because it is just SO incredibly stressful. But I wanted Caleb to have a fun time for his birthday and we werent going to sit around the house all day! so we got ready and headed out around 9am.

We first went to Target to look around while we were waiting for Toys R Us to open. Even though it wasnt even 10am yet, I let the kids get icees. That actually kept them pretty well behaved while we were in there! (even if they were really hyper later!) Brooke was whiny all morning because it was Calebs bday and not hers, and why wasnt she getting things, etc etc. Which I am working on teaching her all this, but it was just so stressful. I probably shouldnt have given in but I let them BOTH pick out a small toy out of the $1 spot. That helped a lot I think. Then when 10:00 rolled around we went over to Toys R Us. We are signed up for their bday program, and on the kids' bdays they send them a card, a $3 coupon for a new toy, and they give them a balloon and a crown when you go in the store. So caleb got his things and was pretty excited about that. Then I let him pick out a new toy, although I steered him to the "less expensive" ones since he already has a crap-load of toys at home. He picked another transformer (not like he doesnt already have a ton of them, but oh well, it made him happy!) And on the way out of the store the sweet big brother let Rachel wear his crown, and her face just lit up and she kept calling herself a "princess!!" :) :) On the way out I let them ride that little ride they have sitting there.. I usually always say no, but that day I lucked out and had some quarters.

After that we headed over to Hickory Dickory Dock to let them play for awhile. I bought them the bands where they could play in the "soft play area." They love to climb up in that huge jungle gym area and run around crazy. Except this time Rachel decided to climb up there too! I kept a good eye on her but after awhile she disappeared and I was worrying of course, even though I knew she couldnt fall down or really get lost or anything. I was afraid I would have to climb up there and get her myself, which would have been funny. But instead I asked an older girl if she had seen her, and she told me that she was up in one of the tunnels laying down, scared, and wanted her mommy. I felt so bad! She offered to bring her down, and in another min or two there was Rachel, safe on the ground! She didnt seem bothered at all, she seemed quite proud of herself actually! haha. But i was very relieved, and you could tell I was a worrisome Mom in that moment :)

After we left Hickory Dickory Dock we headed back towards home. There is a movie rental place right down the road from us, and it just so happens that Mondays are 99cent movie days, so I decided to let the kids go pick a movie of their choice. Caleb picked out the kid version of The Green Lantern, Brooke picked a Barbie movie, and I picked up "Rango" and this other movie that looked good, it was supposed to be about adoption. Well we let both the kids watch their movies, and then I let us ALL watch "Rango" and it was hilarious, but a lot of adult humor in there and they said a few bad words, so I wasnt happy about that at all, but I guess I should have looked into the ratings a little better. But anyway, we had gotten Bojangles to eat on the way home, so we just hung out watching the movies and eating our chicken. I just love birthdays :) Good excuse to have lots of fun and do lots of things you wouldnt normally do in a day.

That evening when Arnold got home from work, we let Caleb open his presents from us. He seemed excited with everything he got. The kids even decided to put together his new Dr Suess floor puzzle right then and there. At 6pm we went out for his birthday dinner at El Paso. Our friends Lauryn and Erika met us there and so we all had a great time celebrating. The food was really good, and of course the company was even better ;) All in all Id say Caleb had an awesome birthday!! :)

Caleb at Toys R Us with his Bday balloon and crown

Hanging out at Hickory Dickory Dock

Caleb with his bday gifts.

At his bday dinner at El Paso :)

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