Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~This week has been going by soo slowly. It seems like I am really butting heads with Brooke lately. She seems so incredibly bored with Summer and ready for it to be over. In some ways im right there with her! I am going to miss her so much when she goes to school but im ready for the quiet!!

~Speaking of school, Brooke got a little card in the mail yesterday. It was from her teacher this year. On the front it said WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN! And on the back she wrote that she was looking forward to having Brooke in her class this year and that they would learn a lot and have fun. I thought that was such a sweet gesture! Brooke was THRILLED when I gave it to her, she even took it to bed with her when she took a nap :) But I was a little teary-eyed. Its getting so close!!

~There are so many people I know having babies! And this seems to be the season for boys! I have 2 baby showers in the next 2 weeks to go to. I am hoping I am going to be able to make both. One if for my friend from highschool Jenn, and one is for a girl I went to church with along time ago, Megan. They are both having little boys, and I know they will be great Moms! (1st for Megan, 2nd for Jenn) I love getting to go out and buy cute baby clothes. Since I dont have a little baby to buy for I take full advantage of spoiling the babies of my friends!! :)

~When I was out shopping for the shower gifts last night, I also looked around at the bigger kid stuff. They were having a deal at Toys R Us with all the summer clearance stuff was $5 or under! They had some awesome boy shoes, and I picked up Caleb 2 pairs for school.. one was khaki colored and one was black with a skull. And a pair of Carters Pjs for Rachel that have ladybugs, for this next Spring. And they were all only $5, cant beat that deal!

~Why oh why cant I be rich?! Haha. Gymboree's new line of clothing for girls is OWLS! I was looking at the website yesterday and oh my goodness.. SO.CUTE!!! I would buy every item in the line if I could. I even have a 20% off coupon right now, just screaming at me to use it. But that stuff is just so expensive. I have a hard time justifying buying it when my kids outgrow clothes so quickly. I may be able to justify buying just one outfit for Brooke for school.. we will see ;)

~We have been waiting to hear if Caleb got into "More at 4" this year. Most of you know that Brooke went last year, and it is a fullday preschool at the main Elementary school up the road, and it was an AWESOME experience for Brooke. She learned so much, got adjusted to what school is like, made lots of friends, and even a "boyfriend" :) She is SO much more ready for Kindergarten now. We knew then we wanted Caleb to get in, so that he could experience the same things, plus wed like him to get out and become more social, because he is pretty shy and reserved, and we think it will help him break out some and become more comfortable. Well anyway, we received a call yesterday saying he is on the WAITING LIST. And so there is a chance, but they have to find a spot for him. So we have been praying hard about it! We wont know till last minute, it looks like. I want him in so badly!!!

~I went to my weekly counseling session last night. My counselor seemed impressed with how well im doing and how far ive come in the past few weeks. The cymbalta that im on seems to have really been helping me. I am now 3 weeks in to taking it. I was having side effects at first, but I seem to have settled in and gotten used to it now. I was losing weight at first (people were evening noticing, so i was like awesome!) But now im back to loving food.. so... oh well :( haha! My counselor said that she wanted to see me back in 2 wks, then after that, only once a month or as needed. So basically we're on the road to me being cut loose. When means Im doing a LOT better mentally. I am thrilled because a few weeks ago I seemed so far from the "real me" and I couldnt see anything in front of me. But now I can see the light, and I just thank God that hes helped me through this journey!

~Everyone was right about the book "The Help." I have been reading a little each night and I LOVE it! Didnt take any time at all for me to get into it. I am hooked. I would read more each night, but with all thats been going on with all my new adventures Ive gotten into, I am so tired when I lay down. I think I will go see the movie, too, If I get a chance! Any friends want to go?!

~Tonight is Lifegroup night. Im hoping Arnold calls later from work and tells me that his parents can watch the kids for us (they have been for the past few weeks) Because I really love our little group, and cant wait to see everyone again! I feel like we're making new friends already! :)

~Only 2 more days till Brooke and Calebs bday party at Hickory Dickory Dock. I am usually on top of things but I just cant figure out what I want to do as favors. Its tough since theres not really a theme this time, and there are boys AND girls coming. Any ideas? I need to go out and look and buy something tomorrow night.

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