Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~This week the kids have started going to VBS at their cousin Bekah's school (its a Christian day school) This is their 3rd VBS, and they have loved every one. Brooke told me last night that she likes going to learn about Jesus.. that made me really happy :) And its a plus that their Aunt Jenn is one of their teachers there :) While the older kids were there, Arnold and I went out for awhile to spend some one-on-one time with Rachel. I love it when we get to do this. She is the sweetest and funniest kid. We had a great time, and did a little shopping.

~Speaking of shopping, we ended up buying a few new books at Ollie's. They were inspirational/Christian books. We have really enjoyed reading the "Purpose Driven Life" and are on Night #23 or so. I also ordered yet another 2 books offline (all these good books and good sales.. they just call to me, I cant stop!) And now we officiall have a stack in our bedroom that looks like we'll never get to them all! But i know I will. Books just make me happy :)

~Ive now hit 2 weeks with this new antidepressant. It seems to be working pretty well. It has really lifted my moods, and helped my anxiety, from what I can tell. Im starting to sleep a LITTLE better and getting back my appetite (darn, I was liking losing the weight.. now Ill have to actually try ;) I have a dr appt tomorrow morning to go over things and talk about if this might be the right one for me.

~The cabinets and fridge were getting a little bare, so I KNEW i needed to do the grocery shopping soon. I absolutely despise taking the kids there, but I knew it had to be done, so I sucked it up and took them yesterday morning. At least it wasnt too crowded yet! They begged to ride in one of those HUGE carts that has the "Car" thing in the front for the big kids to ride in. That thing is HARD to push and get around corners. But I thought it would make it easier on me because they would stay out of trouble. And I actually got the shopping done! I was proud of myself! There were a few fights/squabbles, but it wasnt anything i couldnt handle.

~On Saturday I was really working on deep-cleaning the living room, and getting EVERYTHING out of here that did not belong (read: TOYS) so that it would look extra nice when we had the family over for Calebs bday. I liked the look so much that I decided to move ALL The kids toys into their rooms (except for certain things that are in a toy box in there, but the toy box is wooden and blends in) I have really gotten used to the living room staying less cluttered and now i freak out if they drag out toys, or even if Arnold throws his shoes off in here now!

~Our church has these things called "LifeGroups" that you join. Groups of 10-12 people and they get together at peoples houses and just enjoy fellowship, snacks, talking, and Bible Study. We go over the message from the past Sunday and talk about it more in depth. Arnold and I finally got around to joining one, and we went to our first meeting this past Wed. night. And we loved it! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We are planning to go back tonight. Worked out well that the kids will be in VBS anyway! The groups also do volunteer work and help out when needed, so this Saturday morning we are going to clean up our church, and then all have lunch together afterwards. I am really loving this group! :)

A few pics I took of the kids the other day before Church

Hehe, she was playing Peek a Boo with me :)

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