Friday, August 19, 2011


Thursday morning I got the kids ready and we went to Hickory Dickory Dock to meet Erika and the kids. We hadnt done a playdate in awhile, so we were overdue! As soon as we left it started pouring thank goodness we hadnt planned a playdate at the park! There was a bus of kids waiting outside when we got there, so we rushed inside real quick to beat the line. It seems like every time we have gone this summer there were TONS of kids there. But anyway, the kids had a blast. Rachel climbed back up in the big play gym again, and worried me, but thankfully Erikas daughter was there to help her climb back down!

Afterwards we went to Chick fila for lunch. Yall probably know that they are ALWAYS packed, so it was a challenge just getting the kids across the parking lot safely and in there! We somehow got the kids to all sit at a table together while we ordered. Then Erika and I got to sit at a table together with the babies and talk, so that was nice. The big kids got icecream when they were finished with lunch and Rachel caught sight of that and was screaming ICECREAM, ICECREAM, so I had to go back up there and get her some too ;) It gave me a chance to buy a lemonade for myself, which id been craving for several days now. Then we let the kids play in the playarea there for awhile. Erika and I sat inside in a booth with the babies while the kids played. When it was time to go I left Rachel with Erika and went outside to get Brooke and Caleb. When i came back inside Rachel was SCREAMING and everyone in the restaurant was looking over our way, and then I noticed blood coming out of her nose! She had fallen off the seat and fell face-first onto the hard floor and busted her nose! Man! I felt so bad for her.. you could tell she was hurting, and I hate the sight of blood, so that was really bothering me. So i had her in one arm, was trying to grab everyones cups, and stuffed animals and dolls (that they have to drag EVERYWHERE) and round up the big kids and get out of there was! Thankfully Rachel was ok, she was back to her happy self really soon. But as a mom you hurt when they hurt!!!

Yesterday evening Arnold and I took the kids to their first Old Soldiers Reunion Parade! It is such a big deal to everyone who grew up in that area. Our school used to even shut down early the day of the parade! We had to walk a LONG way to get up to the parade and were just about exhausted when we got there. But we somehow found a spot and sat down to watch. The kids loved getting to see everything come by and get to wave to people. It was neat showing off our highschools to them when the marching bands came by (I was in the marching band! haha) And of course we had to get some of the yummy food. And the kids dove right into their cotton candy, and would have eaten the whole bag, but we took it from them before they could.. wouldnt wanted to have seen how hyper they would have been from that!! Rachel was a little counfused by the texture of it at first, but after a minute she was begging for that stuff. I mean what kid wouldnt.. its pure sugar!!! Anyway, about 3/4 through the parade we noticed REALLY bad storm clouds overhead and it was starting to barely drizzle. Arnold suggested we go back to the van, he was really worried about getting caught up in a bad storm. So we started the long walk back to the van. And literally 2 minutes after we got in the van the sky opened up and it was POURING and there was lightning and thunder so close.. it was a pretty bad storm. Thank goodness we got back in time.. I feel bad for the people that were still standing out there!!!

Oh and I had to share some good news real quick. Yesterday afternoon we got a call from the elementary school. Caleb has been accepted to the More at 4 Program!!! They had been making lots of changes this year, and we had no idea if theyd even HAVE a program for him to be in. And then he was on a waiting list for awhile. We had been praying hard that he would get in, we know it will be so good for him to get him ready for Kindergarten next year, especially socially. And then I got the call. I was running around the house and making a huge deal about it and the kids were just staring at me like i was crazy. But it seriously MADE.MY.DAY! I was calling our parents and then finally I got through to Arnold and he was so ecstatic as well. So he will be going to full-day preschool, at the same school as Brooke! So when they start school on that first day I will be dropping TWO of my babies off... wow.. that is really making me emotional! But i know its a new stage of life that Im going to have to get used to... and Im excited!! :) :)

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