Monday, August 29, 2011

Uncle Gene's Surprise Party

Friday night we went to a surprise party for Uncle Gene (Arnolds Uncle) He turned 60 on Saturday! His daughter and son-in-law had been planning it for him for weeks, and Im so glad he never found out, it was great to see the look on his face! The kids spent the night with my parents, so Arnold and I were able to have a night out alone (those are always awesome ;) There were a lot of people there! It was at Catawba Country Club, and in a banquet hall.. everything looked so nice.

We had dinner, which consisted of BBQ or chicken, corn on the cob, chips, baked beans, and sweet tea. Everything was sooo good. Then they had cupcakes that someone had handmade, and they were pretty AND delicious. The flavors they had were lemon, red velvet, and carrot cake, and the colors were in lime green, yellow, and coral. Loved it! And the birthay cake for his candle was chocolate. They had a band there playing, and they were really good. They took requests, and knew lots of stuff, but mostly played classic rock. They played a Skynyrd tune, so I was happy! ;) They had a cash bar, and some of the people were really enjoying that, to say the least ;) Arnold took one shot with his cousin.. I didnt drink anything.. Dont drink anymore, mostly because of the medicines I am on now. Anyway, we sat with Arnold's family and had a good time just hanging out and chatting with everyone. Very laid back evening, and an awesome party!

After the party Arnold and I went to the movies to check out what was playing, but there was nothing we wanted to see that bad. So we went over to Kohls and looked around for awhile, and then to Barnes and Noble (not too much open that late!) And then we went home and were able to actually sleep all night without any kind of interuptions, and SLEEP IN, and my mom brought the kids home the next morning. It was awesome, to say the least!

Happy Birthday Uncle Gene!!!! :) :) :)

Arnold and I with Uncle Gene

My Father-in-law and I being silly. Our tongues were diff colors b/c of the cupcake icing :) :)

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