Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First night at the PCC

Last night was my first night of training at the Pregnancy Care Center. Monday evenings they stay open for classes for the pregnant women. I got to sit with one of the receptionists and basically watch what she did all evening, and try and get a feel of things. I even get my own nametag, and their nametags are magnetic, so no sticking pins in your shirt, which i thought was really neat! Anyway, first she showed me where everything was in the desk, and how to handle different situations, and what different forms were for, and stuff like that. I read a booklet about my duties, whats expected, dress code, directions, how to answer the phones, and all that. Lots to remember, but I dont think it will be too bad. I really love all the ladies Ive met there so far, they are so kind and welcoming, and have been a great help to me learning things, and patient.

To be honest, the evenings are kind of boring, because if no ones coming in and out you just basically sit around. But thankfully last night we had a job to do.. sort through donations of baby clothes people had sent it. We had to sort out sizes, check to see if they were acceptable (no stains, missing snaps, etc) and fold them up and put them in their appropriate bins for the store. People have donated a lot of nice things to the store! I even saw a few new or "very like new" things. Looking though all the tiny baby clothes seriously made my uterus twinge! hahaha! This is the longest Ive gone without being pregnant in several years, and it feels strange, but I know I am moving onto a different stage in life. I sure do miss those tiny baby cuddles though! :)

Anyway, the class last night was on budgeting.. a man came in and talked to the girls about how to budget their money, the importance of savings, and stuff like that. Every week is a different topic about parenting. And they earn "Mommy Dollars" for each class that can then be used in the store. Its a really neat process! I am so glad things like this are available for young moms or anyone needing some help. And at the end of all the classes, they get a "layette" which is a big basket filled with clothes, baby supplies, cute stuffed animals.. basically like a big gift to them. I saw someone get one last night and it was so precious :) Anyway, the night went very well, and I was supposed to go back again on Thurs for more training, but they dont have someone for me to train with, so I go back next Mon evening. I have to have about 4 training sessions before they let me do it on my own. I really love this though.. getting away from the house for a few hours, being with other adults, doing good.. it really made me feel good inside! And i can tell Im really going to enjoy this alot! :) :)

PS- If anyone has any baby clothes or baby items you were thinking of donating, please consider donating them to this place! I will be happy to get them from you!!!

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