Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday full of Shopping

Friday morning my mom came and picked me and the kids up.. im really surprised we could fit all 3 kids back there, it was a little bit of a stretch but it worked! We went down to a local consignment sale that was going on. I had gone last year and found a lot of good stuff, but there didnt seem to be as good of a selection this year. I did find one sweater and pair of Pjs for Rachel, and they had a few Leapster games, and at just over $4 each they were a steal! Because new games are over $20 each. They had Starwars and Batman, and since Caleb had just gotten the Leapster for his bday, he was excited, I got him one and my mom got him the other one. I didnt end up getting to go back to half off day this year..

After that we went and got some lunch because the kids were complaining they were hungry. We went to Sams club just to get lunch, haha. We got hotdogs and drinks, and then the kids wanted dessert so my mom got them this long cinnamon stick thing.. it was sort of like the cinnamon sticks they have at pizza places and it was yummy (i stole a little of Rachels ;) Then we went to a place in Hickory to look for me an outfit to wear to my cousins wedding in Charleston next month. I dont really care for dressing up, so I have basically NOTHING here at home that would have been acceptable to wear. But mom loves it when i "look nice" haha, so she enjoyed taking me shopping, I know. I love it, because in the store the lady put together different outfits for me and then let me try them all on, and I picked the one I like best (I need someone to pick my clothes out everyday! I am not that good with fasion at all!!) Anyway, the outfit I picked was one that I liked how it looked on me, and I know I can get some good wear out of it after the wedding too. I never would have guessed the colors would have matched, but then they really looked good together (told you I was bad at this!) And when I came out of the dressing room Caleb said "MOMMY YOU LOOK PRETTY!!!" and that got some chuckles out of the saleswomen there. I thought it was sweet :) So now I have my outfit checked off the list. Next is finding the right shoes for the occasion, ugh.

When the kids and I were dropped back off at home, we just hung around the house until Arnold got home from work. Then we dropped Rachel off at his parents' house (she stayed there during Brooke and Calebs party since we knew it would be crazy hectic, and wed be there late.. plus shes not at the age yet where she really knows what shes missing!) Then we went to Walmart to pick up the kids' cupcakes for their party, and some balloons they picked out, and I got a few things and put together favor bags in the backseat of the car when we got to the party (nothing like last min, but I hadnt had the time to do it before then!!)

My new outfit! I think it is pretty :)

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