Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playdate at Jackie's

Today I took the kids over to Jackie's for a playdate. I really like that this summer Ive TRIED to keep the kids busy, several days out of the week, if I can. They go SO crazy and restless inside if they are there for too long. Whether we go to the park, the mall, a friend's house, or just SOMEWHERE, its good for them (and for my sanity!!)

Anyway, we went over there and the kids ran off into Chris and Logans room and started playing with all their toys. Caleb LOVES going to any little boy's houses, because he knows he will find awesome toys. He probably would have stayed there all day and played, if i had let him. Brooke finds it just awesome that they have bunkbeds. She had to climb to the top and check them out. As did Rachel too after she saw all the other kids up there! Thank goodness it is sturdy because it was holding all 5 kids at one point! So since then she hasnt stopped begging me for bunkbeds. "Oh mom, they are so cool, please let us get some for our room! Please! I will sleep on the top! please!" Whats funny is Arnold and I actually talked about maybe putting bunkbeds in her and Rachel's room, when Rachel moves out of her crib. She hasnt tried climbing out yet.. so we're keeping her in there as long as possible!! But she may get her dream after all.. it WOULD free up a lot of room, because there room isnt too terribly big. But im also worried about accidents.. Arnolds dad actually fell off one as a child and broke his collerbone! ouch! So.. we will see. It would be neat though.. Id even like it ;)

Anyway.. then the kids decided to go outside and play. The kids also love the fact that they have a trampoline. Brooke is the wild child with all the energy so she was jumping all over the place. When Caleb decided to get on there he kept getting knocked down and whining, so he made me get him down. He was incredibly whiny today.... he is my most sensitive kid! (wonder where he gets that from?!) They then decided to go BACK inside again, and somehow I ended up on the bottom bunk reading stories to the kids, but i dont mind, because everyone knows im big on books, and reading! :) :) I actually took a big box of books ive read over for Jackie to look through... she and I like to exchange and borrow books from each other on many occasions. I love it when I have friends that love to read like me ;)

We had a great time this morning and ended up going to see Arnold at work for lunch after that. I like to do more than 1 thing while we are out, if we can, to save on gas these days!

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