Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Weekend

Friday morning they asked me to come into the Pregnancy Care Center and do a little more talking to one of the main ladies there and do some more paperwork. Thankfully my mom is off work on Fridays, so she agreed to watch the kids. I dropped them off around 9am, and her, dad and Alex (who was in town for awhile) were all having breakfast, so they were happy to join right in, haha.

Everything went great over at the PCC. I talked to the lady for awhile, about what im hoping to do there. Everyone there starts out as a receptionist, and they have a main person doing that right now, so Ill just be a call-in on Mon and Thurs evenings, as needed, until they need more regular help. Hopefully Ill be able to actually help with counseling young women in the future though, that would be my dream! I am feeling led to help young women because I have been through unexpected pregnancy before. Plus, there is not much information about adoption out there, and everyone knows I am so, so pro-adoption with all my history, so Id love to educate people more about it. Anyway, I have to start training so I will know what to do.. so starting tomorrow night I go in for a few hours and watch how it is done. Then I go back again Thurs evening to train some more. After 4 or so training sessions they will be willing to leave me alone at the reception desk.. yikes! But I am excited to be doing this :)

After I left the PCC since Mom had the kids, I decided to run over to Jelly Beans consingment for a little bit. They had just recently been putting out their fall/winter stuff. They always have the CUTEST selection, and they have the fairest prices out of the 3 local kids consignment stores, in my opinion. They may be my new favorite! I bought a few things for the kids and was SO tempted to buy a few more things for Rachel, but she didnt really need them. I also got Rachel some new shoes.. she had been complaining lately of her feet hurting and I found out that shes now in size 7 shoes! So she has moved up.. aww.. its bittersweet! Anyway, then I went back and picked up the kids and had lunch with my family before I took the kids back home with me that afternoon.

Saturday morning I got up and went out to try and find a few yardsales to stop at, but I just didnt find anything good at all! Looks like the yardsale season is really winding down.. I sure will miss it ;) I wasted a lot of gas.. but.. If I was looking for a relaxing drive thru the country, I achieved that! (I did get lost on one road I was on, but that is expected from me ;) I had some time to kill, so I went over to Walmart to look around. I ended up finding me two new tops! I never really shop there for clothes, but they had some really cute things. Prices of course werent bad, I hope they hold up ok. But Im wearing one today and really like it!

I was supposed to be meeting some people in our lifegroup over at church to clean the church (they have volunteers and groups do that on Saturdays so it will be ready for Church on Sundays) and Arnold and I both couldnt be there b/c of the kids, so I said Id go. ANYWAY, me and 3 others were there, and Ray (the leader of our group) never showed up, we waited and waited and were really worried about him after awhile. Couldnt get thru to him on his phone. Didnt know if we should stay or go, but we stayed for an hour. Later I found out he had slept late and just missed us, so at least hes ok! But i hate we didnt get to help him clean. That was so funny, we will have to give him a hard time for that, for sure ;)

That afternoon Arnold took the kids swimming next door at Uncle Genes house. (By the way, his house is up for Sale now, and driving by the sign every day makes me sad :( I hate when things change!) I stayed with Rachel while she took her nap. I was able to finish the book I had been reading. "When you Least Expect It" by Whitney Gaskell. She is one of my favorite authors, and I really enjoyed it- it actually dealt with adoption! I hope to start on "The Help" next, Ive heard such good things about it. Im such a good book junkie ;)

Later that evening we all went to Walmart and I went to the bakery to order cupcakes for Brooke & Calebs joint party Friday night. They are having a small party at Hickory Dickory Dock, and we let them invite a few of their best friends. Problem was, I couldnt decide what to do about a cake since of course one of them is a boy, and one a girl. The lady at the bakery told me she could do half of the cupcakes for a boy, and half for a girl, so I didnt have to buy two sets! I was so relieved! So Brooke will have princess and Caleb will have Captain America. So glad that worked out (its the little things people!!) We also took Brookes school supplies list for this year with us and finished up her shopping. MAN, having 3 kids in school is going to be expensive, thats for sure. I am not looking forward to all the expenses, and Im just getting a taste of it right now! Right after that we went home and had a nice dinner at the kitchen table together, spaghetti, complete with a loaf of italian bread, one of my new yankee candles burning (Fireside scent--love it!) and an Oreo Cream pie for dessert, which was SO delicious by the way. Didnt even care about the calories ;)

Today we went to church and the lesson was wonderful and meaningful as usual. I cant say enough how much I LOVE our new church!! And thankful for all the wonderful people there, as well! Then we went across the street to Wendys afterwards, and had lunch with Erika and her kids. The place was packed, and I there were a lot of older couples in there, that seemed to be eyeing us alot. I get a lot of looks, and Im used to it by now. People either think im "too young" to have so many kids already, or I know they are judging me. And there are those times when the kids act up or cry or embarass me, and I know they are annoyed. But you know what? All in a day. I love my family and I try my best. So if they have something to say or think about us, let them!! :) :)

Brooke looks SO tall in this picture! I swear one day she is going to surpass both me AND Arnold and be 6feet or more. It will be interesting to see :)

Rachel loves listening to Daddy play guitar. She likes to dance around too :)
Being sweet, if only for a moment :)

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