Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday morning we got everyone ready and went to church. Ray was back from his trip, yaaay :) He actually sat on our row too this week :) Jesse our pastor was preaching at another campus that morning, so the student pastor did the sermon. I really liked it. I like all the people who have preached there so far. He was comparing our lives to rubix cubes, being all twisted and messed up and we need Jesus to set us back on a straight path and help us out in life, to make the right decisions and stuff. And this guy was hardcore.. he really wanted to make a point, about how to get rid of your old life and start anew with Jesus. So you know what he did? He took a sledgehammer and pounded down on that cube! And the pieces went flying EVERWHERE!! Did I mention that we now sit in the front row?! I had liked it up until then... haha. Needless to say, the front rows got quite a show and it made quite an impression on us.. Arnold got hit in the cheek, I got hit in the arm, and Erika got hit in the mouth. They could have at least warned us!! It all happened to fast!!! Haha. And Arnold said he wondered why in the world the band had covered up their guitars before the sermon.. and that my friend, is WHY!!!! :) :)

Anyway, I ran home with Arnold and the kids and ate a quick sandwich and then met my mom at the movies. She had asked if I wanted to go see "The Help" with her. And I was soo excited, because I had just recently finished reading the book, and it was awesome! People were right when they said it was one ou couldnt put down! The movie theater was PACKED... mostly with women, but I saw a few men in there too. (no way my dad or husband would have gone to that movie though!!) And wouldnt you know it, out of the whole theater, these two ladies picked to sit beside me and my mom.. and they were the chatty type. They talked off and on throughout the same thing. They had comment about EVERYTHING that happened. And the one to the far right was hard of hearing, I can tell, because she said WHAT WAS THAT? after several parts and her friend had to repeat it. Grrrr. It was very irritating. I know most people would have said something.. but me being nice (and scared of confrontation!) I just sat there and grinned and beared it. I was still able to enjoy the movie.. it was that good. Plus, I knew if I said something id have to sit there beside them the rest of the time and can you say AWKWARD!!! Haha. Anyway, the movie was really long.. over 2 hrs. I wont give any of it away, but it was great. It went along with the book really, really well, I was impressed! There were funny parts, sad parts, and parts that really made you think about things in a different way. Id highly recommend it to all!!

She was just being silly I guess.. no idea why she just randomly wanted to pull up her dress.. but it was funny so I took a picture :) Hope she doesnt do that when shes older!!! :-x

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