Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Blog Honoring Brooke! For her Birthday :)

This blog just about breaks my heart to write! Tomorrow my BABY will be 5 years old! That is absolutely, un-imaginably insane. I cant believe 5 years ago I was going to my last dr appt, and then I would go into labor later that evening and have her the next morning! It has been FIVE years?! She is going to KINDERGARTEN next week? It just sounds silly to even say. But i guess I must come to terms with it, because it is TRUE.

I went into labor on Aug 25th, 2006. I was walking around all day having contractions but they were really far apart. That evening Arnold and I walked up and down the Target shopping center, trying to get things going. Then we went home and watched Full House on boxset, haha. We went to bed and over night I remember having more and more contractions, but still not very close. I woke Arnold up around 4 am to tell him (I was a nice wife, I had let him sleep all night until then!!) And he started timing them, they were 5-6 mins apart. So we still hung around. Then a little later that morning they came on FAST and SUDDEN, like 3 mins apart! Arnold was FREAKING out, and I was in so much pain. I thought I would have had more time! So he drove me to the hospital very quickly. We got there about 8am. The nurses didnt believe I was in that much pain and were being very calm and telling me to get into bed and get a gown on. I told them theyd better check me! So they finally did and I was 9cm dialated! I had labored at home the whole time!!!! I started pushing and at 8:55 Brooke Elizabeth was born! She was born 55 MINUTES after we got to the hospital! The dr *barely* made it in the room in time, she didnt do much work at all actually ;) Im still amazed at that story when I think back on it. Brooke could have easily been born at home! If i had waited any longer at all...

Anyway, Brooke is amazing. She has always been my stubborn, strong-willed, independent child. Ever since she was a baby, she would wiggle away from us and wasnt the cuddly type. She wanted to go crazy and explore everything! She has always been very out-going, social, and never meets a stranger. She has friends of all kinds and ages. She doesnt mind being left in a clasroom at church, or with her grandparents at all. she welcomes it! She has NEVER been picky, she will eat absolutely anything you will give her (I know I was lucky in that aspect!) She has always been off the growth charts at the dr. She has always worn 2 or 3 sizes ahead in her clothing.. and of course everyone knows she is so dang tall! She is smart as a whip too. Learned her ABCs, numbers, and lots of other things very early. She has always enjoyed being read to. Likes to make any excuse to stay up just a little bit later at night! She is up early and ready for the day on most days. She is VERY active, and would play outside all day long if you let her. She was always the one climbing and playing with the boys in Prek... She is not scared of anything! very rough and tough, and a great protector of her siblings. But has a very sweet side too, she worries about people and how they are doing. She has usually been a tomboy, but lately she has gone through a girly stage, and loves princesses, wearing dresses, and jewelry. Its amazing how all your kids can be so different. I love them all, for very different reasons!

**Brooke at a Glance**

Age: 5
New things: Starting Kindergarten! And Girl Scouts!
Height: 47inches- Seriously? Almost 4 FEET TALL?!
Weight: Around 50lbs
Best Friends: Daisy, Addison
Boyfriend: Malachi :)
Favorite Song: Lean on Me (it was her prek graduation song ;)
Favorite Show: Kipper
Favorite Color: Green and Pink (just changed, used to be purple!!)
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite Things to Do: Swimming, playing at the park, doing art projects
Is Into: Dolls, Polly Pockets, Her leapster, princesses, jewelry & hairbows, books, singing
Fave Places to Go: Shopping, to her Grandparents, on playdates, the park, Hickory Dickory Dock
"Lovey": Her doll named Sally

Brooke as a newborn. I cant believe she was ever that tiny!

A few months old
1 year old

2 Years old- Her first pigtails! Hanging out in our new van

3 Years Old

4 Years old. Ready for her Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Now- My Big 5 Year old!

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  1. I cant believe she's 5!!! And that's crazy that she was born less than an hour after you got to the hospital!!!!