Friday, August 5, 2011

A Blog Honoring Caleb! Birthday Boy!

Since Caleb will be 4 on Monday, I wanted to do a blog on him, and a "then and now" picture thing, looking back at him growing up so far. I always get very nostalgic and emotional when my kids have birthdays. Everyone knows I LOVE birthdays and a good party, but theres also just something about knowing that my kid is now up to that next age, that new number, with a whole new look (that you really notice bigtime when you look back at baby pictures!) and there are whole new challenges and experiences every year. I am blessed to be a mom!

Caleb was our SURPRISE baby. And i mean BIGTIME surprise. Brooke was only 3 mos old when we found out we were pregnant with him. Silly me, I didnt know it was that easy to get pregnant so soon after a baby.. now I know thats actually a really fertile time! Well, you live and you learn I guess. I was feeling like I might be, but I was in denial. I went out with one of my best friends Jessica shopping one day, and bought a pregnancy test. We then went over to Babies R Us, and she held Brooke in the "nursing room" while I went into their bathroom and took the test. (yes i was impatient!) and after just a little bit that stinkin pink line started showing up on the test! I think i felt my stomach drop right after that. I was SORT of thinking i was, but nothing prepares you for the feeling when the lines pop up on the test! So i went and took Jess.. and was in shock for the rest of the day. That night I put the test in a little box and told Arnold I had an early Christmas present for him (it was December) and he opened it and was SHOCKED but not as shocked as me.. he actually handled it better!! I was not too happy.. Ill admit I was stressed for several months. Then about 12 weeks in.. one night we went to dinner and I started bleeding very heavily. I thought oh this is it, it is a miscariage. Arnold took me to the ER and I got checked out. All our family came up to see us and were all around me praying. They did an ultrasound and he was there! Just as real as he could be! After that day I learned to be greatful for the blessing that was my son. I think God let that happen to whip me into shape and realize that it was a HAPPY thing.. and I am greatful for that!

So anyway.. Caleb is a great kid. He is our most sensitive of all our kids and can cry at the drop of a hat.. major emotional kid (where does he get that from?!) haha. He looks so much like his dad (and his Grandpa, if you ask his side of the family) Looking back at Arnolds yearbooks, its CRAZY. they are like the same person! Its unreal.. I guess I can see what he will look like a few years down the road! He even has the same body frame Arnold did as a kid. He is a pretty picky eater, and doesnt eat that much.. but he has gotten better as time has gone on. Hed much rather be playing than eating! When he likes something, he becomes obsessed with it..seriously.. its all he can talk about! He watched Toy Story about a million times... I could recite all the words by heart by now. He now is into superheros.. and anything like that. He is having a Spiderman birthday party this year. Poor kid is the middle child, sandwiched between two sisters.. so hes is around girls a lot. He has been known to dress up, carry around a purse or baby, and even has had his fingernails painted by Brooke. But I know he'll be a very good brother and very protective of his sisters one day!!

**Caleb at a Glance**

Weight- 38lbs
Height- Not sure? Need to check soon
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Food- Mac & Cheese
Favorite Movie- Toy Story
Favorite Book- Morris the Moose
Favorite Show- Max and Ruby or Blues Clues
Favorite Toy- All his superheros and his mask and cape
Likes- singing, cars, superheros, tv, playing outside, going to Grandparents'
Hates- bananas, sitting still, getting pics taken, strangers, being bossed around

My baby shower for Caleb. Thrown by my sweet Sister-in-law Jenn and Arnold's cousin, Beth. I was around 7 1/2 months pregnant or so, here. Had gone to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert the night before actually.. All my kids went to concerts while in-utero :) :)

Caleb on the day he was born. I had to be induced because he was breech! They turned him then broke my water. (he was a stubborn baby from the beginning, hehe) He was born after 12 hrs of labor, at 6:35 pm on 8-8-07. He was only 7lbs, which surprised me!

Meeting his big sister Brooke. This pic shows just how close in age they are.. look at how small Brooke was! She wasnt sure what to think about him! But they are great now, and they keep each other entertained. Caleb has always copied her and followed her around.

Calebs first Halloween. This pic always cracks me up. He has a funny expression :)

Calebs 1st Birthday.

Calebs 2nd Birthday. We had a rockstar themed party and Arnold even made him a guitar cake!

Calebs 3rd Bday. Cant believe its been a year since this! He had a football themed party, and everyone went swimming.

Caleb present day! He is such a big boy. Going to Pre-K this year! :) :)

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