Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Random stuff
1. My full name is Abigail Elizabeth
2. I have a weakness for babies and tiny animals
3. I read a new book just about every week (or more depending on things..)
4. My hair is it's natural color, has never been dyed
5. Arnold and I met on the internet
6. I am scared of bugs, tight spaces, clowns, and falling
7. I have never broken a bone but once "fractured my tailbone" when I was 12
8. I love chocolate and could eat it every single day
9. Finding good deals and bargains puts me in a good mood
10. I've never met my biological family
11. I've been to 7 Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts and about to go to my 8th!
12. My dream is to one day write a novel
Things I do every. single. day.
1. Check my facebook to see what's happenin'
2. Read to my kids
3. Read. at least SOMETHING.
4. Take a shower (I feel so nasty if I ever have to skip one)
5. Give Arnold a kiss
6. Laundry (it really piles up with 5 people in the house!)
7. Sleep, duh
8. Get the mail-- love the days I get magazines and freebies instead of just bills!
9. Catch up on some of my favorite blogs
10. Eat-- some days more than others!
11. Tell my sweet babies that I love them!
Most recent purchases I've made
1. Tablecloths, napkins, and other random party things for Rachel
2. Dog Food
3. Diapers for Rachel (still working on the potty training)
4. Mountain Dew for Arnold (he lives on that stuff, not good!)
5. Grape Soda in glass bottles for me!
6. 3 new books by Janet Evanovich
7. One of Arnold's Father's Day gifts
8. Gas for the vehicles and lawnmower
9. A ticket and snack money for Brooke's school dance
10. Custom shirts made by a friend for Rachel and Caleb
Future vacation destinations1. Disney World
2. Cancun
3. Italy

4. Paris
5. The Canary Islands
6. Las Vegas
7. England
8. New York
9. The deep south-8-
Currently in my living room
1. The TV
2. Computer
3. Wii and lots of games
4. Bookshelf with tons of books
5. Our kitten, Molly
6. Brooke's little desk she does her homework at
7. Photo albums and framed pictures
8. Decorative giraffe we have of Arnold's Aunt Nancy
If you came to my house the TV would most likely be on
1. Hot in Cleveland
2. Glee
3. Big Bang Theory
4. The Office
5. Friends
6. Modern Family
7. Two and a Half Men
Some of my favorite foods
1. My mom's homeade lasanga
2. Chicken
3. Pizza with pepperoni and banana peppers
4. Hotdogs
5. Breakfast foods (mainly pancakes and bacon!)
6. Anything mexican
Things I accomplished this past week
1. Writing a few blogs
2. Washing our bedsheets
3. Shopping for Rachel's birthday party
4. Babysat a friend's kid for the afternoon
5. Finished a book I was reading
Music I CANNOT stop listening to
1. Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Dave Matthews
3. My Glee Soundtracks
4. Stephen Curtis Chapman
People who blog that I would want to be friends with in real life
1. Erin
2. Mallorie
3. Kelly
Things I can reach from where I am sitting
1. Books
2. Rachel (haha) 
A picture that I love-- our Family on Memorial Day

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  1. Love! :) This is so going on my blog today. It's crazy how much we have in common!