Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awards & Graduation

Yesterday after lunch we headed to the school to go to the End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremony. Brooke's teacher had written us a note in her planner saying that she was getting an award, and to make plans to be there. Thankfully Arnold was able to be off work to go. We got there and were able to sit with 2 couples we know well and are friends of our's, so that was cool. We waited through all the awards before they got to our class. At one point Rachel was laying on the floor using my purse as a pillow because she was tired and bored, ha! Finally they got to the Kindergarten Awards. They had awards for "Best in" each subject they did. I kept waiting through the awards and Brooke wasn't getting any, and finally I heard "Most Successful in Science".... and it was BROOKE! I was so shocked... not that she got the award, but that it was in Science! I never knew Brooke was so good at science and liked it so much... bad mommy moment! If she were truly her Mama's daughter she would have gotten the award in writing or reading ;) But I was sooo incredibly proud of her! I made the joke that we have our own little Sheldon Cooper! (If you watch Big Bang Theory you will get me! ;) Arnold had to calm me down a little because I was cheering and clapping so much.. I get a little too excited, ok? So sue me.. I was thrilled that my daughter was getting an award, I was a proud mama!!!! ;) What was funny is Brooke didn't seem all that thrilled.. she was like yeah, whatever. ;) Her teacher had accidentally written the wrong last name on her award and everyone was like whaaat??? But it turns out it was just a typo.. she really did get the award.. and the teacher ended up making her a new certificate with the right last name so it was all good :) Oh and Caleb also got Perfect Attendance while we were there (they just got to stand to be recognized) Brooke didn't get it this time because of her dental visits earlier this Spring.

Later that afternoon we went to Caleb's Preschool Graduation. About 45 minutes before we had to be there, his teacher called us and said he had had an accident.. so we had to run up there with clean underwear! At least we got it to him before they went in the gym. We then went and took our seats in the gym. Thankfully Arnold's parents were able to come see the ceremony.. my parents weren't able to because they couldn't get off work. The kids then marched in to the graduation song and they were all dressed up in their caps and gowns, it was ADORABLE. I started crying right then. I thought I was going to do better this year (I bawled at Brooke's graduation last year) but the tears still came. Brooke said "Mama you are crying!!!" and I had to shush her. I wasn't embarassed though, the other moms there understood my feelings, I know! The kids had practiced a song routine called "Oh What a Miracle." It was talking about how special they are and how they were miracles, and that just made me cry some more! At one point in my pregnancy we thought we were losing Caleb (long story) and Arnold has always called him our little miracle. :) Anyway, then the kids all walked up one at a time to get their diplomas. Caleb saw us out in the crowd and waved and smiled really big! After the ceremony of course we took LOTS of pictures. Then they had a small party in the library. They had cupcakes and punch, and during the party they had a slideshow playing of pics of the kids from that past year. It was really neat, and I was happy that I remembered to get a pic of Caleb with his teachers. He had the most awesome teachers this year and I will really miss them!!!!

Caleb is officially a Kindergartener now!

Caleb with his teacher, Mrs. Corpening

Caleb with Mrs. Corpening and his other teacher, Mrs. Regan

A sweet brother-sister moment

Caleb and one of his prek friends, Savannah ;)

Proud daddy with his look-alike!

Caleb and his Mommy!

All 3 of my sweet babies!

Rachel can't wait to start school now! 

A family shot! Only took 3 tries to get a decent one! ;)

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