Thursday, June 21, 2012

That's "Pinteresting!"

These are some things I am loving from Pinterest this week! I've said it before, but WHAT did we do before this amazing site?! Too many idea, too little time!!!!! :)

Instead of holding onto every single piece of "artwork" your kids do and never knowing what to do with them.. you can take pictures! You can then make photo books like these, to look back on what the kids did when they were younger. But its a lot more organized ;)

Use a shoe or accessory organizer for your daughter's dolls and Barbies. Brooke is starting a collection of them now and I never know where to put all of them. This is a great idea! And she can pick out which one she wants to play with at the time. The organizer can hang over a closet door easily probably.

Love this idea for a birthday card. You roll up money and make them look like candles! So cute.. and what a great idea. Might try this sometime...

This is a cute "just because" gift for a friend, teacher, etc. Add a tag on a pack of their favorite kind of gum and says "You are EXTRA Special" 

Liked this quote a lot. I really need to remember this! I worry way too much about things I can't control.

This was an idea for packing for a trip. You put the entire kids' outfit in a ziploc baggie, including top, bottom, underwear, socks, and bows and jewelry (for a girl!) Then when you get there you will just have to pull out the packs instead of going through everything to find what you need! So simple yet so genious!

This book made me laugh! This reminds me of Brooke so much! That girl is always talking. She will talk to HERSELF! I might need to look up this book on Amazon and buy it :)

I want to do this for the kids for the 4th of July! You make them toast, spread it with strawberry jelly, then add slices of bananas and blueberries to make a flag! And my kids would actually eat this..they LOVE fruit.

Love this outfit idea! Love all the pink. I usually don't dress up and do everything all the same color like top, purse, nail polish, jewelry, etc.. but it would be fun to do sometime!

Love this watch!!!! So bright and fun. Hint Hint Arnold! HAHA! ;)

This is a cute idea of saving a memory from a beach trip. You can buy clear ornaments, save some sand from the beach, and then tie it up with a pretty bow and maybe a label or tag writing where you went. 

Most people think I love owls (and I do!) But I also love turtles ;) So when I found this I knew I had to try this for the kids. Using a waffle with the bottom cut off to make the body, apple slices for the head and tail, and I'm not sure what they used for feet? You can also add little orange slices to look like butterflies! Adorable!

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