Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Lake Birthday Party

Today my wonderful husband and some of my friends planned me a birthday party (my actual birthday is next Sunday, July 1st!) A good friend Melissa was able to use her friends' lake-front place for us to have it, and she had set everything up in a luau theme, and it was so great! A lot of friends and family members came out to help me celebrate. I was afraid it was going to be too hot for anyone to enjoy themselves, but it turned out to be overcast and breezy, so it wasn't bad at all! I also was afraid it might rain, but it didn't rain the whole time we were out there! It did drizzle a little bit on the way home though.. I had prayed earlier today for God to please, please hold the rain off for the party and He did! :)

Anwyay, the kids were naturally drawn to the water and ran right out there. Arnold had said not to worry about putting them in bathing suits because he wasn't going to let them go swimming in there (their daddy is a major germaphobe.. I am telling you!! ;) But it didn't matter, they ended up going out and getting soaked in their REGULAR clothes. That is kids for ya! ;) But they had a blast and it was worth it to see them so happy :) Our pastor's son was out there too, he was being babysat by our good friend, Ray. It was HILARIOUS because in the middle of the afternoon he decided he had to pee, so he just whipped it on out and peed right there in the lake.. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. We were all shielding our little girls' eyes.. ha! ;) (name not included to protect the innocent! ha! ;)

Melissa had really outdone herself on the luau theme.. there were banners, signs, and colorful bowls everywhere. Her fiance Josh had even blown up a giant palm tree as one of the decorations. Everyone who came out got to wear a lei and mine was a special one with rainbow-colored flowers.  My cake was CHOCOLATE (my fave) and had palm trees and flip flops on it.. they must really know me ;) There was even a little pair of flipflops on the cake that we couldn't figure out if it was edible or not.. and when we pulled it off, found out it was a luggage tag! So i got to actually take that home... so cute. No one had thought to bring a lighter so I didn't blow out any candles.. we will just pretend I did!

The guys grilled out hotdogs for us to eat, and there were lots of sides and drinks and of course the CAKE to eat. We hung out for nearly 3 hours before we realized that the kids were getting cranky and they were absolutely filthy. We knew we had to get out of there soon so we could get home and get everyone baths. Oh and I got some wonderful gifts.. including a lot of owl themed items (because everyone knows I have an odd obsession with owls ;) And my parents got me a brand new CAMERA!!!! Yes after a long time of not having one I finally can take pics again. I'm sure yall are so excited to see all my upcoming pics, ha! ;)

Thanks to everyone who helped with the party, and came out today to celebrate! I love you guys and am thankful for you guys being in my life!!! :) 

Brooke, Caleb, and their friend Katelyn out on the lake

My honey and I

Me with two of my best friends, Erika and Joanne. Showing off some of the luau decor. Although I blocked half my head, being the giant that I am :)

Random pics with Ray... love him! :)

Wearing my bow that Kelly made me. She is very crafty indeed! ;)

My friend Teresa brought me back this owl from the beach! Isn't it adorable! I thought it was very unique-looking. 

This is my ever-growing owl collection in my bedroom. I bought the turqoise nightlight and middle owl for myself recently, and the beach owl of course I got as a gift, and the little owl on the right is a candle holder from my friend Joanne :) The one on the clock radio i've had forever. Loved it because it had a mama and baby owl :)

My new cup from my friend Erika. It says "Good friends are like bras. Supportive, never leave you hanging, make you look good, and are always close to your heart!" Isnt that the funniest saying ;) (PS- I am trying out my new camera, can you tell?!)

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