Monday, June 11, 2012

Rachel's BEE-Day Party

Saturday we had Rachel's Bumble Bee Theme birthday party. It went really well, one of my fave. ones we have done so far. Arnold and I worked on a lot of "personal touches" this time around, and that was fun. We put little yellow round stickers all over black balloons to make them look polka dotted. We had centerpieces that had to do with flowers and bees. Arnold helped me make cupcake picks and signs with cute "bee-related" sayings. There was a whole lot of yellow and black, needless to say! 

We had a great turnout of people, but it wasn't too chaotic. We had an icecream bar with lots of toppings, so everyone could make them a cone or a cup. We even found cones in different colors, so that was fun for the kids. The candy that seemed to disappear the fastest was the gummy worms, go figure! Then we had cupcakes. We did all cupcakes this year, and didn't even bother with a cake at all. I had ordered them from the bakery (because I didn't have the time to make that many by myself!) and ordered them half white, half chocolate. The night before when we picked them up, we were driving home, and when Arnold turned a corner one of the packs turned on the side and the icing came all the way off and stuck to the lid. I was devestated, they had looked so pretty! So Arnold and I spent that evening scraping the icing off the lid and trying to spread it back on the tops of the cupcakes. It ended up like we had let Rachel decorate them herself.. not pretty! But at least they still tasted the same! ;)

I had a few crafts/activities set up for the kids to do while they were there. We had a table where you could get your nails painted or get a temp tattoo. We had a table where you could make your own edible necklace with candy rings and fruit loops. And we had a table where you could decorate a foam crown. (Be a queen Bee.. get it?! :) The kids seemed to like the activities, so I'm glad I had them there. I had meant to get a pinata this year but time slipped away from me. I don't think anyone cared!

Rachel got a lot of neat gifts. She got her very first My Little Pony toy (she got 2 actually), and a lot of books to add to her collection including an "Olivia" book, and "The Little Engine that Could" (a classic!) She got a Baby Alive from her Grandparents and a Tea Set from her Aunt Jenn. She also got some new oufits, new sandals, some new bathing suits, and a coverup. She is ready to go swimming now! And a lot of Dora things like a beach towel, sunglasses, stickers, a puzzle, and a cup. She also got lots of summer stuff like bubbles and sidewalk chalk. My friend Carla got her a sign to hang in her room that said "So Stinkin Cute and you Know it!!!" It was pink and green and sooo adorable. It will match the girls room perfectly when we finally get around to finishing it! After awhile Rachel was tired of opening the gifts and wanted to run off and play, so we had to finish for her ;) 

That evening after the party, we were blessed with several family members and friends sticking around to help us clean up! So it went by really quickly and we didn't have to stick around as long as I had imagined. Then we went out to dinner at Village Inn with Arnold's parents to celebrate some more. When we got home the kids had to drag out all the new presents so they could play with them. I read the kids all the new books Rachel had gotten. And then we put them to bed a little early (Mom and Dad were exhausted.. even though the kids didn't seem to be yet!!!)

I would say the party was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came, and for the gifts!! :)

I had everyone sign a "bee" theme book for Rachel's book collection

Arnold made the sign and I made the Sunflower suckers as favors

All the toppings set out for the icecream. The kids were on a sugar high afterwards!

The cupcake picks Arnold and I made. Not perfect but kinda cute!

Marshmellow pops I made with dipped chocolate and black sprinkles

Rachel blowing out her candle

Rachel enjoying her icecream cone!

Rachel wearing her adorable bday outfit! Shirt made by Mandy at "Sain Custom Creations." Hairbow hand-made by my friend Mindy. And Tutu from Gymboree.

The kiddos outside after our dinner at Village Inn

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  1. That looks like such a cute party! I'm sorry we had to miss it. :(