Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that Arnold got a raise at work!!

~I'm loving that I actually did what our pastor said, and read the book of "Acts" in the Bible. It goes along with what they are teaching in church lately. I admit I'm not that great about remembering to read as much as I should.. I need to get better about that. And when I DO read, I usually read short little "up-lifters" from Proverbs. So it was neat to read an actual story.. after a few verses I actually got into it! I was telling Arnold about what I had read later that evening. I am going to try to read more often...

~I'm loving that my mom has started saving the coupons from their newspaper for me every week. She has never really used them, so they just get thrown away. Every time I see her I pick them up now and try to use them when I go shopping. I am loving saving more money!

~I'm loving that we went over to mom and dad's this past weekend and had dinner for my brother's birthday. He just turned 23. He is my YOUNGER brother but he has become taller than me already ;) It was a last min decision of his to come into town, and I'm so glad he did! We had steak and potatoes and ate outside on the deck. The kids had a blast and we didn't even get home until really late that night.

~I'm loving that we have so many paper products left over after Rachel's birthday party. Cups, plates, forks, spoons... I can just use them when we eat and not have to wash as many dishes! Because no one likes washing dishes right?! I despise it!!!! I am going to be sad when all the stuff runs out, ha!

~I'm loving that we were able to get together with several of our good friends the other day for an icecream party. My friend Joanne hosted it at her house. It was a great kickoff for Summer vacation! She had set up a table with icecream and lots of different toppings. Her husband actually did homeade icecream.. both vanilla and oreo flavors, and it was so yummy! I had way more than I should have probably.. oh well!

~I'm loving that me and a few friends are throwing a baby shower for our friend Crystin this Friday night. We are going to go have dinner at Chili's and then have some cake. We are so excited about the upcoming arrival of baby Liam (expected sometime in August!) I am also excited about having a girls' night. I haven't gone out much lately because I've been trying to save money... so its way overdue!

~I'm loving that the kids are going to Vacation Bible School this week. They were invited to go to the one at their Cousin Bekah's Christian School. Every night we drop them off at 6:30 and don't pick them back up until 9pm. So we have gotten a lot of quality time with Rachel, and some "us time" after we put Rachel to bed! It has been really nice (and quiet) around the house this week!

~I'm loving that I am really counting down to my birthday now! I have recently been talking plans with my parents of what we are going to do (we usually go over there for dinner near my birthday and my mom makes me homeade lasanga!) I also invited a bunch of my girl friends out for a birthday dinner and GIRLS NIGHT at the end of the month.. I can't wait!! :)

~I'm loving that our kitten Molly has really become a member of the family. Last night we found her cuddled up in bed with Rachel, it was soo sweet! Later on she came to our bed and slept with us all night. She has been so good about using her litter box thus far, but I guess she forgot last night, because she peed in our bed! What a way to wake up-- feeling cold and wet on your legs first thing in the morning.. yuck! Oh well, we forgive her-- she is just too sweet!

~I'm loving that I got to cuddle a sweet 3-month old baby girl in Church Sunday morning! Her name is Claire and I usually don't see her in the early service, so I was so excited to see her in there already when I got to church. I fed her her bottle and she fell asleep in my arms, so I got to hold her mostly all of the service. I really miss cuddling little babies! My babies didn't even let me hold them too often, they were always on the go!!!

~I'm loving that I survived a trip to the grocery store yesterday with all 3 kids! I had forgotten how tough it was to take all of them to a store, I have gotten spoiled to only taking Rachel places! We tried to go in the morning so it wouldn't be too crowded. Rachel insisted on pushing the cart, and kept running into things. Caleb kept wandering off. I kept running over Brooke's foot with the cart because she was way too close to me and kept getting in the way. Ah, the joys of motherhood! Thank goodness we made it through with no one crying (much) and nothing broken. At one point in the store a woman was actually laughing at the chaos that was my family. Sheesh, let's see her go a day in my shoes!!!

~I'm loving that today the weather is really nice! The first two days of summer vacation were rainy and nasty, and the kids have been going stir-crazy! Today we hope to get out and play, use sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. I know the kids are ready to get some energy out!!

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