Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That's "Pinteresting"!

Here's some things I found on Pinterest lately that I'm lovin.. and hope to get or try!

How cute is this wreath? Would be cute to make to hang on the door during the weeks of the kids' birthdays. Looks easy to make too, just add on those puffy bows you put on presents.

I liked this.. it is a good reminder that no matter what you are going through, things will eventually be ok again. I went through something like this last summer. Didn't think I would EVER get through it, and yet I did. And my life is even better now.

These candy posters are all the rage right now, ha! I've seen people making them for teachers, family members, etc. A good friend of mine helped her son make one for the end of the year at school. It looks like it would be great for someone who had a sweet tooth! Might try it for the kids' Grandpa, not sure yet!

Once again, I don't think I'd ever get a tattoo (unless I really change my mind and gain some courage!) But this little dragonfly is adorable! It must have hurt though-- I heard tattoos on your foot really hurt!!!

It said this was a "food stand" and they used it to organize their bottles and things on the bathroom counter. I love this idea! I always have a mess in the bathroom. Makes it look so much prettier. Now where to get one?? anyone know??

Rainbow fruit kabobs! I had thought of making these for Rachel's party last weekend, but didn't get the idea until the last min and didn't have the time to buy everything and make them. They are really cute though, and healthy! Will probably make them for a future event or party we do with the kids.

My kids love making handmade cards for people. Liked this idea of cutting out letters from a magazine and making a collage-type card. Turned out cute!

Good gift idea for me (hint hint Arnold! ;) Loved this necklace. Could get the kids' letters and then their birthdays on there.. and wear it around proudly ;)

This is an idea for a new mom, getting ready to have a baby. You can give them a BIRTH Day comfort kit. So many times the mother is forgotten in all the chaos of a new baby coming, and its nice to be remembered and pampered too! Might do this for a friend... love the idea!

LOVE this purse. It is an owl. It has green. That is all :)

This would make a cute keepsake either for me... to document how small the kids were at one time.. or to make a gift for the grandparents!

I have gotten into the TOMS craze! I used to think they were kinda ugly honestly, but I didn't know at the time that they had different styles and colors! Love these white "crochet looking" ones! Another gift idea Arnold!!!!!!!! ;)

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