Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving the sub sandwiches from Domino's! I can't believe we have a Dominos right down the road from us and we ALWAYS get the pizza but have never tried the sandwiches. I got a veggie sub the other night and it was soo good. The banana peppers really made it!

~I'm loving how cute Molly looks right after we give her a scrub down and wrap her in a big, fluffy towel. With just her little head sticking out. And she starts closing her eyes and purring :)

~I'm loving the kids and their funny sleep positions. I went into the girls' room the other night after they were already asleep, and Brooke had her arm slung over the side of the bunk bed. Don't see how that could be comfortable!!

~I'm loving that we got a free Redbox code in my email the other day, to get a free movie rental. Now to just figure out what new movie to rent...

~I'm loving that Rachel's birthday gifts this year were such a hit! She has been pushing her babies around in the little stroller and pretending to feed them. Heck, even the kitten got a ride in the stroller (much to her dismay! ;) And ALL the kids like the bubble lawnmower.. bubbles have gotten all over my house because they couldn't wait to take it outside!

~I'm loving that I recently painted my toes an orange shade. Such a pretty, happy color!

~I'm loving that there is the Semi-Annual sale going on at Bath and Body Works right now. They even sent me a coupon in the mail recently. Their stuff if all I wear! I love all the scents, especially Japanese Cherry Blossom and the Coconut scents. I need more body spray!

~I'm loving that I have recently gotten the motivation back to work out more. I have slacked off big time, and I am not very proud of myself! I was feeling pretty good when I was doing those Jillian Michaels workout videos, even though they kicked my butt!!!!

~I'm loving that tomorrow night is my BF Jackie's birthday dinner at Chili's. Yay for Girls' Night! I am taking the night off from working at the Pregnancy Care Center to be there. We have even already planned out what we are eating ;) I was looking at the menu online last night and Arnold told me I was going to have to close it out because he was getting hungry! ha!

~I'm loving that after dinner last night we all had chocolate icecream for dessert! We covered it with sprinkles we had left over from Rachel's birthday party. Yummy!

~I'm loving that we got the fradulent charges taken care of yesterday (well, almost.) Some weird charges showed up on our card yesterday.. so I called the bank. After spending most of the morning on the phone with them they told me that they would put our card on freeze mode, send us a new one, and we could report the charges. They said they definitely looked suspicious to them, so it probably shouldn't be a problem getting our money back.

~I'm loving that my Father-in-law is supposed to come by tomorrow afternoon and take Brooke and Caleb swimming. That will be a HUGE break for me for a few hours. Not to mention the kids have been begging us to take them swimming forever now!

~I'm loving that I FINALLY reached the 50 mark on my Followers list on here! I feel special! And over 15,000 views! Ha.. I am such a nerd!!! :)

~I'm loving that I laid in bed last night and basically planned Brooke's whole birthday party in my head. Can you tell I couldn't sleep last night?! Brooke really wants a Justin Bieber party. So I was imagining the cake, decorations, and what all we could do. Maybe a dance party?! She would love that!

~I'm loving that we are going to a cookout at one of my BF's houses tonight. All of the "Fab 4" is supposed to be there (and all of our kids!! It will be wild!) This week has been rough and I am ready to get out and see my girls!! :)


  1. Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favorite, too! LOVE it :)

    Can't wait for our get togethers tonight and tomorrow. Woot!

  2. Yay for getting back into a workout routine! I have seriously been slacking for the last month and need to get in gear ASAP! I'm glad your bank is going to take care of the card fraud for you. We had that happen earlier this year and they racked up over 7000 bucks in less than 24 hours! Scary stuff!