Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Rewind!

Friday evening Arnold came home from work a little earlier than usual so we could go to the bank and get some things fixed. Turns out they had my social security number typed in wrong on our account, from when we first got married.. and it has caused us a lot of problems. So we were going to go by and get it fixed but they said we had to bring in our marriage certificate and we couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I hope we can find it soon or we will need to go pay to get another copy. I guess it DOES pay to be organized.. sheesh!

That evening we went out to dinner at Ihop. Rachel had gotten a free kids meal for her birthday from them, and so we decided to go there to use it. The kids got create-a-face pancakes.. they love those! They have the pancake as the face, strawberries as eyes, banana pieces for a mouth, whipped cream for a nose, and the give them tubes of yogurt to put on as hair. It is really cute :) When we got out I realized our bill had been a lot less than I had thought it should be, and it turns out the guy had taken ARNOLD's dinner off the bill instead of Rachel. So.... we got dinner a lot cheaper than expected! After dinner we went to Target to check out the new grocery/produce section. They have a lot of new things, its pretty nice. Rachel went right over the the bananas, picked up a bunch, and threw them in the cart (that girl loves her fruit! ;) We walked around for awhile and bought some things we needed and let the kids check out the toy section for awhile. Then we went by Once Upon a Child to look. They were having a clearance sale going on.. and usually there is NOTHING left at all when I go up there, but this time they still had a little left! I got Brooke some really nice capris, and Caleb some shorts and a new bathing suit. Then I found a few books for their collection, so I was happy I decided to stop in! By that time the kids were getting fussy and ready for bed.. so we headed home.. but not before stopping by Dairy Queen for some icecream! The kids all got star pops that were red, white, and blue.. and Mommy got a "Brownie Earthquake" (oh my gosh... SOOOO good. I don't even care HOW many calories!!! ;)

Saturday morning we all got ready and headed out early to hit up some yardsales. Most places were hit and miss, but we did find a few that had some kit stuff. One sale had a bunch of Dora books, which of course Rachel scooped up (Mommy never says no to books!) And this big Barbie head that was for styling hair.. it looked pretty creepy and was sort-of overpriced, but Brooke wanted it so bad..... ;) Then at another sale I hit the jackpot on boys clothes.. they had a son and they had tons of nice shorts in Caleb's sizes so I bought them out. While there Caleb also found a few Transformers. And at another sale we found some My Little Ponies (the girls didn't even care but I got them for their collection) and Brooke found a jewelry case, and Caleb found a huge toy truck. So I'd say our morning of looking for deals was a success!

That afternoon my mom took the big kids to see "Brave" at the movie theater. They had planned to go to the zoo, but it was so miserably hot, so they decided to put that on hold and go to the movies instead. The kids didn't mind.. they just like getting out and doing stuff with Grandma! Since Rachel doesn't sit still through movies yet, Arnold and I took her out with us while they were gone. We took her by Barnes and Noble.. she had gotten a coupon for a free cookie from the cafe, so we stopped by and got some treats. I got a giant rice krispie treat and Arnold got a lemon tart. We stayed and looked at magazines for awhile.. and Rachel actually kicked back, laid down on the bench, and started "reading" a Justin Bieber magazine! That girl has been brainwashed by her older sister. She knows exactly who he is and that he is "special." Ha! Anyway, after that we went to Game Stop to look through the used Wii games. I haven't bought a new game in awhile, and we saw "Reader Rabbit Kindergarten" game, so we got that for the kids as a surprise. Hey, at least its educational, right?! ;) We also stopped by Old Navy and bought a few shirts for the kids that were on clearance. Around 4:30 we went back to the theater to pick up the kids. They said they have enjoyed the movie, but parts of it were "scary!" as Brooke put it. But they seemed to have had a great time!

Sunday morning we ended up going to the early service at church. We usually go to the 11:00 service, but we were already up and ready, so we just went ahead. The only thing that was weird is that it was a whole different crowd of people we weren't used to.. so we sat alone and didn't really know many people! I guess that's a way to MEET new people though ;) There is a new campus pastor for one of the churches, and he came over to preach at our campus. It was great to meet him.. he seems like a great guy and he was HILARIOUS. I really enjoyed his sermon :) After church we headed over to the dreaded Walmart to buy some diapers, garbage bags, and other things. I hate that place, but they DO have the best prices on most things we use regularly. I also bought a new shirt while I was there.. it was blue and had designs on it.. actually pretty cute for a Walmart shirt! I spilled sauce ALL down the shirt I had worn to church when we ate lunch at Taco Bell, so I was glad to have something to change into before we went to my bday party at the lake. I actually did a REALLY quick change in a parking lot while no one (hopefully) was watching! ha! I was bending over trying to hide anything that might be showing... reminded me of middle school days where you had to change but were self-conscious of yourself. Well let me tell you, after having birthed 4 kids and all kinds of people have seen most of you.. you aren't as modest anymore! ;)

That afternoon was spent at the lake at my wonderful birthday party. Yall already know all about that.. that was yesterday's blog ;) Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

Arnold's Aunt Margaret sent this gift to Rachel for her birthday. A cute little patriotic outfit, and then some monkey pjs that came with a matching set for her BABY DOLL (how cute is that?!)

Some books I found at Big Lots this weekend. They had a lot on clearance for 50 CENTS (!) So you know I scooped them up! Then I found #15 of the Janet Evanovich series that I hadn't read yet. How lucky is that?! Can't wait to read it! 

Here's the books I found for the kids this weekend at the sales! The little Eric Carle book will probably be given to a good friend of mine, since its for babies. Couldn't pass it up because it was so cheap and in great condition!

Toys found this weekend at the sales. The truck, transformers, jewelry box, one of the ponies, and at the very back there is a toy gun. Not shown-- freaky barbie head! ;)

A few shirts I found the kids this weekend. Carters shirt with Birds for Rachel- $3. Old Navy butterfly shirt for Brooke- $3.99. Gymboree dog shirt for Caleb- $6. A lot of places were having crazy sales this weekend! :)

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