Monday, June 18, 2012

Rachel is 3!!

Today my BABY is 3 years old! 3 years ago on June 18th, 2009, Arnold and I were headed to the hospital to have her. She was breech, and they couldn't get her flipped (believe me, they tried-- and it HURT!) so I had to have a c-section. Rachel was born at 2:55 PM on a Thursday afternoon. She came out BUTT first.. it was so incredibly funny. She has been stubborn and silly since day one ;) She weighed 8lbs and 3ozs and the first thing you noticed were her big pinchable cheeks! They could even see them on the ultrasound people!!!! At the time we didn't know she would be our last baby but now we know we are done, due to health issues and other factors.

It is sad for me to say my youngest is now an independent "big girl", running around, talking in sentences I actually understand, and trying to master drinking out of a regular cup! I have one more year with her at home with me before she starts preschool.. I don't even want to think about that day yet, I know I will be bawling! Rachel is my little buddy and my sidekick. We always have so much fun together. She will still climb up in my lap to be rocked, and I love that :)

Random Facts about Rachel at Age 3:

~She weighs about 35 lbs now
~Wears a size 4t in clothes
~Is a social butterfly
~Loves going to church and tells me Jesus is her best friend! :)
~Can't wait to start school, as she always likes to tell me
~Hair is still blonde!
~Eyes have changed and are a "hazel" shade now
~Best friends include Kenzie, Logan, Elia, Amelia, and Maddy :)
~Loves to copy just about everything her big brother and sister do

Rachel's Favorite Things:

~Yo Gabba Gabba
~Corn on the cob
~Playing with her new kitten, Molly
~Baby dolls and pretending to be a Mommy
~Playdates with friends
~Chick Fila!
~Icecream and Rita's Italian Ice
~Drawing pictures
~Dancing to up-beat music
~Having books read to her

Things Rachel Still Doesn't Like:

~Getting her hair washed
~Being left with someone she doesn't know
~Veggies (ha!)
~Having to take a nap
~Having a toy taken away from her

Happy 3rd Birthday Rachel Louise!!!!!! We Love you so much!!!!!

Rachel on the day she was born, 6/18/09

Rachel at 1 year old. Look at the cute chubbiness! ;)

Rachel on her 2nd Birthday

And now-- my BIG GIRL!!!! :)

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