Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend 2012

We had a great weekend and I think Arnold had a lot of fun celebrating Father's Day. I already wrote about Friday during the day in my last blog so I'll just skip ahead a little...

Friday evening my friend Erika and I threw a "friends baby shower" for our good friend Crystin. She is due in August with her 3rd baby, a sweet little boy! We wanted to do something special for her and all of us could use a girls' night, so we went out to dinner at Chili's. We went out a little early than that to the store, to get her gift and a babyshower cake. They usually have a lot of cute cakes made up and I didn't think it would be a problem to find one, but they had a lot of white cake and I was specifically looking for chocolate because that is Crystin's favorite. So I was stuck with either choosing a pretty cake in white or going with Father's Day or kiddie cakes?! We finally found a small, round cake and it was chocolate.. only problem was it was decorated around the edge with little cupcake pics of children's faces?! Very strange.. but it was still kind of cute. Looking back on it, I think it was for a preschool/Kindy graduation maybe?! But it worked I guess... makes for a funny story now. When we got to Chili's they actually were able to get us a big table set up right away.. that NEVER happens on the weekends, I was pleasantly surprised! We actually had to wait awhile on the other girls to get there, so Erika and I munched on an appetizer of chips and dip. Then the other girls showed up and it was time to order... we had been eating so many chips that I was almost stuffed already, so I just ordered a salad. We sat around talking till after 9:30 that evening! I'm surprised they didn't kick us out! It was such a fun and relaxing time. Crystin seemed to get some cute baby boy things. And when it came time for cake, I took the piece with the little girl that looked like Rachel ;) Ha! I took it home because I was stuffed, and the next day it wasn't as good :( But anyway.... the night was a great success and I can't wait to meet baby Liam soon! :)

Saturday we all slept in late since they kids had stayed up late the night before.. they had had their last night of VBS at their cousin's school. We stayed in our pjs until after lunch! That usually doesn't happen around here. But we had no where to go really... Arnold left for a few hours to go clean the church like he does every week. He found out a guy was getting married there later that day, so he especially felt his work went noticed this particular week! That afternoon we went to my "nephew's" 1st Birthday party! He is the son of my best friend from highschool, Jess. They had a cookout at their church, and everything was so cute. The cake even had a picture screenprinted on there, of him when he was a LITTLE baby :) Jess asked me to do the honors of taking the pics of him smashing his cake and opening his gifts.. since I "love taking pictures so much" ha! She only had 40 shots left on her memory, and I got done with 1 to spare.. pretty impressive! ;) I love capturing memories on film.. you can never get those moments back!!!! We got Hunter a bunch of books for his birthday.. you can never go wrong with books! My kids love the "Llama Llama" series, and they recently came out with board books for the little ones, so two of the books I got him were called "Llama Llama Nighty Night" and "Llama Llama Wakey Wake!" Sooo cute.. if my kids were a little younger they would have had those in their collections, too ;)

That evening we went over to my parents' house for a Father's Day Cookout. I had made the grandpas pictures of the kids outside holding signs that said "I Love Paw" or "I Love Pop Pop" and I framed them, and they looked really cute! My dad had been bugging me for a new pic of the kids for his office forever. The guys had ribs and mom and I and the kids had hotdogs... everyone knows my thing of not eating meat on the bone! ;) As a gift, Mom and Dad gave Arnold some new khaki shorts and his own pair of RAINBOWS!!!! Arnold decided he wanted a pair after he saw how into mine I was. Mine had an accident awhile back and our dog, Oreo, chewed them up and it devestated me :( Arnold still hasn't gotten used to them, it takes awhile to wear them in. If he never gets used to them, I will gladly take them! I don't even care that they are the "man" style! ;) I love me some Rainbows!!! Anyway, we had a great time hanging out with my parents and Grandpa. The weather was GORGEOUS and there was even a nice breeze (not so common in June!) and we got to eat outside on their deck. After dinner everyone had strawberry icecream for dessert.

This morning I got up while Arnold was still sleeping, got the kids dressed and into the van, and we drove over to Burger King and got breakfast for Arnold, as a surprise. He usually never wakes up when he is really sleeping, so I didn't think he would even notice, but he was up and in the kitchen when we got home. He had no idea where we had gone.. but he was happy with the breakfast! :) Then we got everyone ready and went to church at 11:00. Rachel wore her shirt that said "Dad's Cutie" with her pink skirt and new sandals my mom got her for her bday, and she looked adorable :) After church we met Arnold's parents over at Zaxby's for lunch. They were PACKED.. guess everyone else had the same idea. That afternoon we all rested for awhile and hung around the house. We gave Arnold his gift-- I had gotten him two books.. one was "Diary of a Player" which is a book Brad Paisley wrote. And the other was called "Where Were You when the Music Played" and it was about famous moments in music history. I also got him some Axe body wash, and some of his fave candy and gum. And I did a framed pic of the kids for him too like I did with the Grandpas, so he could take it for work. The kids made hime homeade cards which turned out really cute.. they even drew pictures :) He seemed to really like his gift, and he has even been reading the Brad Paisley book already. He doesn't usually care to read unless its something that really interests him.

I hope all the Dads out there had a wonderful Father's Day!!!!! :)

The kids with their "Daddy" pic. This was the 3rd pic I had taken, and Rachel was tired of pics, so she is starting to look away, and the papers are starting to droop ;)

Hunter digging into that cake at his party! He destroyed it, it was so funny! :)

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