Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Day of School

Friday was the kids last day of school. They only went in for a half day, so I had to pick them back up at 11am. I can't believe this past year went by so quickly, It feels like I was just dropping them off for their first day, and then going out with my friend Erika right after that. She said she would hang out with me to take my mind off of it all, I get really emotional with both new beginnings and endings! Anyway, I had used most of my budget up this month for Rachel's birthday party, but I wanted to do a little something special for the teachers. So Thurs afternoon I had the kids make their teachers homeade cards. They had a blast drawing pics of themselves and their teachers, coloring, writing their names, and adding lots of stickers (Rachel got in on the action too-- she wants to do everything her big brother and sister do!) I went out that evening after working at the Pregnancy Care Center to find a few more things. I always like to try and get the teachers a book for the classroom. So I found Brooke's main teacher and Caleb's main teacher a book called "Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses." The kids already have that book in their collection (from their Grandma) and I know they loved it, so I thought it would be a good choice. Then I bought 4 pink mugs and filled them with "Smarties" candies, and made heart tags that said "Thanks for making us "Smarties" this year!" I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute (what would we do without that site?!)

For the couple of hours that day that the kids were in school, Rachel and I worked on stuff for her birthday party. And before you know it, it was time to go pick them up. I was pretty emotional driving through the car-rider line. I was thinking "this will be the last time I pick up Brooke as a Kindergardener, the very last time! Next time I will pick her up, she will be a 1st Grader!!! ahh!" Needless to say, I like to torture myself with such thoughts ;) I even wanted to turn on a sad song on the radio to fit my mood ;) The kids teachers came over to the van to help the kids in. Caleb's teacher said thanks for the gift and she had decided to read her class the book that morning.. and it was a big hit! Brooke's teacher came to the other side of the van and gave me a big hug. If I thought I was doing well at that moment, I lost it after that ;) She also told me that if it was ok with me, she had gotten Caleb on her classroom roster for next year. So Caleb will have the same Kindergarten teacher Brooke did! I am extremely thrilled with that.. I wanted it that way! Brooke made such progress this past year, and I'm sure Caleb will do the same. I made sure to try to thank the teachers for all they had done for my kids this year. It takes special people to do a job like that! They don't get enough credit at all! As we drove away from the school Caleb's teacher were waving, and all the kids started to wave too. It was a bittersweet moment.. and if you aren't a Mom you probably wouldn't understand.. so don't judge me please!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

I took the kids out to get Happy Meals at Mcdonalds for lunch, as a special treat. We came home and ate and I looked through their bookbags. Calebs teacher had made special folder and notebooks containing all the artwork he had done this year, so that was a neat keepsake. They had also given him some flashcards to practice letters and numbers this Summer. Brooke's teacher had given the kids little bags with a book, workbook, journals to write about their Summers, and some gloves. Brooke begged right away to go outside and play in the dirt! I thought that was soo sweet that the teachers thought about the kids, even at the very end. We really were blessed with our teachers this year! Our kids' school has some of the best! :) After lunch we played outside for most of the afternoon, waiting on Arnold to get home from work. That night we went to dinner at my parents' house to celebrate my younger Brother's birthday (which is actually today!) The kids kept telling everyone they were out of school now and it had been their last day. Didn't seem to bother them much... ha. Except every once in awhile Brooke says she is worried she won't find her way around 1st Grade ;)

I can't believe Summer vacation officially begins tomorrow. I am a little worried about having 3 kids to entertain for 2 1/2 months, but I know we will have fun and make some good memories. We already kicked off the Summer great with Rachel's 3rd birthday party yesterday (blog to come on that later!!)  

The kids FIRST day of school. They were excited.

At the end of the year. Look how much the have grown! *tears!*

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