Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in Review

Arnold was off work Friday, so we decided to go have lunch with Brooke. We had gone to have lunch with Caleb the day before. Sometimes I don't mind school lunch, and sometimes it looks just downright scary, so I decided to skip that day. We went to Taco Bell for lunch after that (not much better I'm sure, ha!) Friday one of my very best friends (for 10 years now!) got married. We were supposed to go and meet them at the court house so we could be there to see it. So Arnold and I got there about 15 minutes early and were circling around the place looking for Jess EVERYWHERE. We called her several times too, and just couldn't figure out what we were doing wrong. On the last phone call with her she asked "you are at the RIGHT court house...right??" And then I realized what I had done wrong. We were at the wrong place! I had just assumed she was getting married at the one in the town where we had grown up and gone to school. I was so very bummed I didn't get to watch her get married. But what could I do then? She had to go ahead and get married-- by then it was already past 2:00. So I didn't get to actually SEE her get married but I heard about it and saw pictures. She made a beautiful bride :) Congratulations Jess and Stephen! And we will have to go out soon for a girl's night and celebrate together... maybe call it a "late bachelorette" party!!! ;)

That afternoon Mom picked up Caleb from school for us (since we were SUPPOSED to be at a wedding!) and Brooke went to the "End of the Year" school dance. Yep, they have school dances for Elementary school kids now-- my mom was shocked too! ;) We had our last teacher-conference with Caleb's teacher that afternoon. Arnold got to go for once, so that was nice. We had to take Rachel with us, but she did pretty well sitting at the table and coloring and eating goldfish Mrs Corpening so kindly gave her. Mrs. Corpening said Caleb's test scores for the end of the year were GREAT and had improved a lot since the beginning of the year. He knows most of his letters, improved on writing his name, and she said he has toughened up a lot this year (he is my sensitive one!) So I was glad to hear all that. She said he is officially ready for Kindergarten! It is sad to know the year is over but I am so thankful that he had this Prek experience... and he had some of the best teachers I could have asked for. They were so sweet and caring, and were really patient with the kids. They do so well at their job-- I could never be that patient with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds day after day!!!

We stayed home that evening and played with our new kitten, Molly. She has fit right in with our family, much more natural than I would have thought. She is still getting used to the kids wanting to constantly follow her around and pick her up, she is quite the little trooper! She loves Arnold to death and I often find her either asleep in his lap or hanging out on his shoulders. You can tell he eats it up.... hmmmm, he is being pretty sweet for someone who "doesn't like cats!" ;) Molly is such a sweet little girl. She mostly just sleeps and eats these days since she is still a baby... and has a few playful times throughout the day. She loves to lay on Caleb's back and hang out while he is watching tv or playing on the Wii. She is very smart and already knows how to use her litter box... I haven't seen any messes at all! Heck, Rachel has peed on our floor more than Molly has!!!!!!!!!! haha ;)

Saturday morning we got up early to head our to the first of our THREE birthday parties we were invited to that day. Usually we wouldn't go to all 3, but the kids that had birthday were all important to our families. The first party was for Maddy, who is turning 3. She is one of Rachel's good friends at church. They had a princess party at her house, and there were alot of church friends there, so it was fun to hang out. The kids all went crazy over the candy from the pinata-- Brooke ended up with quite a pile for herself, I was kindof embarassed because it looked like she was hoarding so much of it... ha! Caleb was just stuffing some in his pants. Rachel was happy with just a sucker to eat right THEN :) Anyway, after that party we stopped by a new local business in the area, a camping center. One of my good friend's parents owns the place and they had invited us out for the "Grand Opening Celebration." They had a lot going on for the kids to do, so it was pretty neat. The kids got HUGE balloons, pinwheels, and then had balloon animals made for them (a spider for Caleb, and butterflies for the girls) Then we all had hotdogs, chips and brownies for lunch. I'm glad we decided to stop by because it was really fun. That afternoon I took Brooke to a local pool for her friend Emma's party.. she was turning 6. There were a lot of kids from their Kindy class there, and they all had a blast in the water together. I had to beg Brooke to get out of the water long enough to get some snacks. Emma's mom had made the cupcakes herself. The icing was blue like water, and then she had little teddy grahams sticking out like they were swimming, and had made beach balls (using gum balls) or rafts (using rolled up fruit roll ups) or swim floats (using gummy rings) How creative! She said she would help me with Rachel's cupcakes if I wanted.. I should be smart and take her up on her offer, don't yall think?! I had fun watching Emma open all her presents. I am still a little girl at heart and loved seeing all the girl toys and activities. I can't wait until Brooke's birthday because I know we will have a lot of fun stuff to play with together ;)

That evening we went out yet AGAIN to a pool party for Amelia, who was turning 3. She and Rachel have such a good time together. Her parents are in our lifegroup. They had a "pirate" theme and it was so cute. Amelia even had a custom outfit with a pirate shirt, pirate hat, and pink and black tutu... so precious!!!!!! My big kids jumped right in the water with no problem, but Rachel refused to get in. No matter what we did she just would not swim. She instead ran around the pool area in her bathing suit, playing with all the other toys they had set out. Hey at least she had fun.. and neither Arnold or I had to get in the pool! Amelia's grandmother had made the most amazing dip and I mostly just sat there munching on that.. haha. It got gone pretty quickly-- even the kids were asking for some of it. I enjoyed just lounging by the pool that evening with some of our friends. By then I was pretty tired as you can imagine. As one of the party favors the kids got these blow-up swords, so you can imagine they drove me crazy with those things the rest of the night whacking each other up-side the head. When we got home we made some dinner for everyone and then laid the kids down. They went to bed pretty fast for once, can't blame them after that crazy day! I tried to get on the computer and do some things after that but I could feel myself getting soo sleepy, and I ended up going to bed at 9pm. Ha, what a party animal I am. I ended up getting almost 11 hours of sleep that night!!!! Oh and I ended up with a sunburn across my face.. my fault.. I remember to lather up the kids but not myself. As my mom so kindly reminded me "you'd better remember it, I don't want you getting sun cancer!!!!!!!!" Yes, yes Mom, I know....

Sunday morning I got ready and left for Church early because it was the first sunday, so I had Boxcar Babies class to work in. It was pretty scarce in there, we only had 2 kids. One was a new little girl that was visiting, named Kate. She was the cutest little thing and did really well in there. She even sat on my lap a few times while we were playing. She had the greatest vocabulary for a 2-year old, I was really amazed! And i thought Rachel was smart!!! ;) Haha. We also had baby Sophia in there, she is always a lot of fun. After early service was over, Arnold and the kids got there and we went to the 11:00 service. When we picked our kids up afterwards I was happy to get a "good" report on Rachel. Lately she has been getting time out in church because of not listening or knocking little kids down (!!!) But she was a GOOD listener this week (thank goodness!) and she had to go around telling everyone how good she had done ;) After church Arnold took the kids home and I went over to Walmart. Everyone knows how much I loathe walmart, but I really needed to get some things and it is so close to our church. While I as there, I decided to go ahead and order cupcakes instead of a cake for Rachel's party, figured that would be easier. I got them with just yellow icing on top, and I am going to either make bumble bees (with the help of friends!) or make my own cupcake picks. Not sure yet.. I have found a lot of cute ideas online though.

The rest of the day was more resting and hanging around the house (and playing with the kitty of course!!) Arnold mowed the grass, and he finally got to use a weed-eater (his dad let him borrow his since ours broke) and so the yard finally looks half-way decent. We need a new weed-eater badly!!! That night we had story time with the kids and I read one of their favorites called "Bad Kitty." It is a hilarious book and they love it. I think poor Molly was a little confused when I kept saying BAD KITTY!!! though ;) 

Arnold and Molly having some bonding time :)

Jess and Stephen after their wedding!

Pool party time at Amelia's house

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