Monday, January 3, 2011

Almost Diaper-Free!

We have been trying to potty-train Caleb for the longest time. He will go when you ask him, but you have to be very persistant. He never tells us himself that he has to go. Anyway, we want him to go to preschool this coming August so we decided we needed to try and get really strict about it. I know you cant force it, but we wanted to stop relying on pullups so much. Over the weekend we started putting him in JUST underwear, all day long. He got new Toy Story underwear for Christmas, so he has loved that. He had a few accidents here and there, but did pretty well. I think its funny because every time he goes to the bathroom, everyone follows him in there.. he has his own audience. Brooke said "Im so proud of you Caleb" yesterday evening after he had used the potty :) Its cute to see them cheering him on. Yesterday I got him up from his nap and he was DRY. I was amazed.. I didnt think he would last through a nap yet. I hope that keeps up! I am soo ready for him to be potty trained. There was a point when Rachel was first born when we had THREE Kids in diapers/pullups. Thats a lot of money spent every week! And then one day in the future, when Rachel finally gets potty trained too, we will be a DIAPER-FREE household! That will be the day I dream about :) But anyway, for now I am extremely proud of Caleb and how well he is doing. Just had to share!


  1. Goodluck! I hate pull ups... I feel like they're just glorified and overpriced diapers and the kids know that too. When I babysat Cameron, if he was in a pull up, he'd just use it like a diaper, but if he was in underwear, he'd make more of an effort. Not to say there weren't accidents, but he was a lot more upset at messing up his underwear than a pull up.

  2. I totally agree. I hate them too! We have put off making a huge effort w/ him because he is on a daily med.. it helps him go, and causes him to go alot. So i knew wed have trouble when we got to this point. But it hasnt been as bad as I thought.