Thursday, January 27, 2011

What makes me Happy

I dont have anything important or "exciting" to write about today.. So i guess I will do another one of my lists :)

~Things that make me Happy~

-Freshly washed sheets on the bed
-Icecream.. in a cone!
-Warm towels right out of the dryer
-holding a newborn baby
-reading the kids bedtime stories
-getting a surprise or good news
-Rachels "woodchuck" face
-hearing Brooke talk about her day at school
-Brooke's drawings of faces, that look like aliens :)
-reading interesting blogs
-taking pictures of the kids
-Spring evenings
-listening to music from my childhood
-snuggling up to Arnold at night
-awesome comedies, like Modern Family and The Office
-someone complimenting me on being a good Mother
-a good book that i cant put down
-owls and turtles
-kids' consignment sales
-Yardsaling with my Sister-in-law and friends
-the occasional date night with Arnold
-the crushed ice at Sonics
-planning a birthday party
-finding the perfect gift
-getting unexpected cards in the mail
-dinner out with the girls
-playing cards with Arnold
-going through the carwash
-finding a great deal
-a good hotdog with mustard
-going to concerts in the summer
-blasting music and dancing with the kids
-watching Rachel sleep- with her butt in the air and snoring!
-How excited kids get over things
-when Arnold rubs my back
-getting my hair or nails done
-pretty sunsets
-listening to the rain fall outside your window
-Tax time and having extra money
-Outlet stores
-The color GREEN (can you tell??)

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